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GM responds to Boston Globe critique

Earlier this month, an editorial writer for the Boston Globe wrote a piece entitled the 'Folly of automakers' in which he lambastes Detroit's big-two-point-five, and specifically GM, for producing too many large SUVs and generally ignoring the trend towards smaller, more fuel-efficient vehicles.

Experimental 'pay per mile' tax program harms future car development

Remember the Oregon state program where volunteer drivers are taxed on the number of miles they drive daily? The monies gathered would be used for road construction and repair.

Flint dissects GM and Nissan/Renault joining

With Kerkorian's proposal of a General Motors and Nissan/Renault merger still sending shockwaves throughout the auto-sphere, auto curmudgeon Jerry Flint steps up to the podium to give his thoughts on 'Global Motors'.

Phelan mourns EV1 as costly distraction to GM

Mark Phelan of the Detroit Free Press, reflecting opinions similar  to Inside Line's Karl Brauer on the EV1, adds that General Motor's research may have hamstrung the automaker's future in hybrid development. Phelan, who was one of the few journalists who actually test-drove the electric vehicle, found it impractical for the real-world. While the electric vehicle h

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