GM responds to Boston Globe critique

Earlier this month, an editorial writer for the Boston Globe wrote a piece entitled the ' Folly of automakers' in which he lambastes Detroit's big-two-point-five, and specifically GM, for producing too many large SUVs and generally ignoring the trend towards smaller, more fuel-efficient vehicles.

GM, not content with being denigrated in public, wrote a retort, which was not published in the Boston Globe, due to their policy of not printing op-ed responses. However, the Miami Herald, who also published Derrick Jackson's column on the automakers, did allow a portion of GM's response to be published in their 'letters to the editor' section.

As is often the case, the General wanted their side of the argument voiced in its entirety, and so, GM's Fast Lane Blog enters from stage left.

General Motors' veep of Global Communications, Steven Harris, took Jackson's column to task, pointing out that reading four columns about the auto industry does not an analyst make and going so far as to list off all of GM's accomplishments towards reducing fuel consumption and America's reliance on foreign oil. Most of his points are well made, although their claim of making more 30-MPG vehicles than any other manufacturer can be debated, as real world experience has shown that the EPA's estimates are "optimistic."

Our interest is mainly centered on the argument and how each party makes their case. Your thoughts, as always, are welcomed.

[Source: Boston Globe, GM Fast Lane Blog]

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