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The Chevette was slow and cramped, but it was also very, very cheap.

The Chevrolet Chevette was a rear-wheel-drive subcompact, based on the Opel/Isuzu-designed T platform, and it sold like crazy during the darkest days of the post-Iranian Revolution oil crisis.

Proceeds to benefit the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity

Former Congressman and presidential hopeful Ron Paul is holding an auction for his 1979 Chevrolet Chevette to benefit his non-profit Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity.

Triumph of technology set the stage for the future

We saw a lot of cars during our weekend on Woodward Ave., but I only remember seeing one Chevette. And it just happens to be the only Chevette I've ever seen with a V6. Yeah, I know, it's not unheard of to stick a 6-cylinder in one of Chevy's first economy cars, but upon seeing this too-hot hatch I said, "That ain't right."