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Woodward Dream Cruise 2007: V6 'Vette, as in Chevette

We saw a lot of cars during our weekend on Woodward Ave., but I only remember seeing one Chevette. And it just happens to be the only Chevette I've ever seen with a V6. Yeah, I know, it's not unheard of to stick a 6-cylinder in one of Chevy's first economy cars, but upon seeing this too-hot hatch I said, "That ain't right."

Phil of Berkley, Mich., bought this particular Chevette brand new in 1976. Twelve years ago, he decided it was just lacking something. But what? Oh yeah. It lacked two extra cylinders, a supercharger and, of course, nitrous.

He says even after all the mods, including side exhaust an some super-nonstandard rear tires, the thing is quite streetable and still gets 27 mpg.

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