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The money will help pay the cast and crew who worked pro bono on the viral ad.

The money will help pay the cast and crew who worked pro bono on the viral ad.


It offers to buy car, cat and coffee mug after eBay pulls listing

They're offering $5,000 for the cat featured in the viral commercial.


"Our customers have lost a lot of vehicles": Big chains moved their inventory to higher ground

"Our customers have lost a lot of vehicles": Big chains moved their inventory to higher ground.


CarMax is facing renewed controversy in California after a study by two consumer protection groups found that about 10 percent of the vehicles at two stores had pending recalls.

FTC discloses complaint number amid heightened scrutiny of advertising practices

Consumers have logged more than 1,500 complaints with the Federal Trade Commission regarding used-car seller CarMax over the past three years, according to the agency's records.

Deceptive advertisements could place drivers in danger, critics say

In advertisements that help sell thousands of used cars, CarMax says it pays "rigorous" attention to safety details and checks the road-readiness of each car with a meticulous 125-point inspection prior to sale. There's one big item missing on that checklist, say numerous consumer groups.


Safety groups and a prominent politician are taking aim at CarMax, the country's largest used car chain, over allegedly deceptive advertising, and they're hoping to prompt a major shift in the way that pre-owned vehicles are sold in the US, as well. In two letters filed with the Federal Trade Commission this week, a coalition of consumer groups and Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY) urge the regulator to investigate CarMax and force all used car dealers to fix any pending recalls on a model before i


The slow clap, a cliche of sports movies, has been taken to its logical conclusion - use in a commercial for buying a used car. CarMax has unveiled its 2014 Super Bowl commercial, which focuses on a man buying his "perfect" used car.

Need further proof that interest in hybrid and diesel vehicles is directly linked to the average price for a gallon of gasoline? According to CarMax, the largest retailer of used cars in the States, searches for hybrid vehicles on its website are up four percent in June over May while diesel are even hotter with a seven-percent increase. Further, the used car retailer reports that visits to its Fuel Economy section are up by 17 percent.

When you go to the Carmax home page these days, you're greeted by the image above. As you can read, they talk about 25,000 cars available. So, which ones are popular? According to a press release sent out today by Carmax (available after the break), hybrids are.

Alright, so we covered the raising gas prices the other day, and I am sure that you probably noticed them on your own the last time you filled-up. I did... $3.05 a gallon was the cheapest 87 octane in Toledo that I happened to run across yesterday.

The car shopping site CarMax rolled out a new tool called MyCarMax on Thursday that will allow customers "to pre-select any combination of vehicle search criteria" when they're looking for new or used cars. The hype is a bit overblown, though, if you're interested in using MyCarMax to find cars with green features.