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Volkswagen finds CO2 'irregularities' for 800k vehicles

Volkswagen has discovered irregularities in reported CO2 levels for some models, and the issue could cost $2.2 billion to fix.

Cattle industry has a beef with EPA over greenhouse gases

To the surprise of many, the vast majority of the automakers that sell their wares here in the United States welcomed the EPA's decision earlier in the year that carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases are damaging to the environment and should therefore be regulated. That has plenty to do with the desire for a single national fuel mileage standard. But transportation certainly i

EPA Administrator declares that CO2 CAN'T be considered for power plants!

With just weeks to go before the Bush administration cedes power, executive orders and regulatory decisions gutting all sorts of federal rules are flying out from Washington. One of the most recent has come from the office of EPA administrator Stephen Johnson. Johnson has decreed that the agency CANNOT consider greenhouse gas emissions in determining whether to grant permits for new power plants. This goes well beyond the Agency's previous neglect of the issue and actively prevents considering t

Peugeot/Citroen gets average CO2 of 140g/km! Tops in France

PSA's two car brands - Peugeot and Citroën - have achieved a fleet average of 140 g/km of carbon dioxide emissions based on all the cars they sold in France in 2006. That puts PSA at the top of the heap among all the companies that sell cars in France. PSA sold over 450,000 cars that got less than 120 g/km of CO2 emitted and they are actively working t

2008 Smart ForTwo beats CO2 emissions and fuel consumption targets

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