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Senate bill would secure the 'internet of things,' from cars to fridges

A bid to force manufacturers to make cars and other devices more secure.

Panel: the good, the bad, the ugly of connected cars | UPSHIFT 2016

In this panel, we'll debate the pros and cons of connected vehicles and investigate the less discussed side of the future of our cars.

Hackers stole Jeeps in Texas using FCA's internal dealer software

Using DealerCONNECT, thieves reprogrammed each stolen vehicle's security codes.

After entering the vehicle identification number, hackers used FCA's DealerCONNECT to reprogram the cars' security systems to accept generic keys.

Hackers arrested after stealing more than 30 Jeeps in Texas

Thieves used FCA DealerCONNECT software to carry out their crimes.

Over a six month period, a pair of hackers broke into and stole more than 30 vehicles in the Houston area.

Jeep hackers return to take over your steering wheel

But you'll need to let them ride shotgun this time.

Hyundai analyzes 12 trends that will shape the world of 2030

The world will change, and mobility will evolve right along with it.

In Michigan, car hackers could face life imprisonment

But proposed law doesn't discern between criminals, gearheads or researchers.

Car hackers may not want to mess with vehicles in and around the Motor City. A pair of Michigan lawmakers introduced legislation Thursday that would punish anyone who infiltrates a vehicle's electronic systems with penalties as harsh as life imprisonment.

Hacker jury rigs Amazon Echo into voice-controlled remote start

A hacker has managed to link up his Amazon Echo so that all he has to do is mutter a few words and his GMC will start up. Welcome to the future, kids.

Motorists are unaware that cars have become hacking targets

As cars become more connected, the nature of threat will change.

Americans have short memories. Despite a number of prominent car-hacking developments in recent months, only 26 percent of respondents to a Kelley Blue Book survey could recall an instance of vehicle hacking over the past year. As automakers pour connected features into new cars, the findings released Tuesday suggest drivers are unaware of the potential risks.

Nissan disables Leaf app due to hacking concerns

After security threat, company suspends service.

Nissan has disabled an app used by thousands of Leaf owners after researchers discovered cyber vulnerabilities.

Nissan Leaf app contains cyber vulnerability, researcher says [UPDATED]

With little effort, strangers could control settings and view location data.

An app that helps Nissan Leaf owners connect to their cars contains cyber vulnerabilities that allow outsiders to manipulate certain controls and view information on the whereabouts of drivers.

Senator supports motorists' rights to repair their own cars

Sen. Ron Wyden: It'd Be 'Massive Mistake' For Copyright Law To Thwart Tinkerers

A prominent U.S. senator is speaking out on behalf of motorists who like to repair their own cars. ​Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR) urged the U.S. Copyright Office to grant a proposed exemption in copyright law that would ensure drivers and gearheads have a legal right to tinker with and fix vehicles.

NHTSA mulls role of car-hacking researchers, but time's ticking

As Copyright Process Nears End, Mark Rosekind Unsure of Independents' Role

The chief of the federal agency charged with keeping motorists safe said Thursday there's no way his agency could conceivably evaluate millions of lines of software code for cyber-security deficiencies. At the same time, he's not sure he wants outside help.

Short-staffed NHTSA struggles to handle car-hacking threats

Feds Seek Assistance From Some Experts, Ignore Help From Other Ones

Cars have become hacking targets, but documents show the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is struggling to address automotive cyber threats.

Car-hacking researchers get no support from Transportation Department

Like The EPA, DOT Officials Chill Hope For Protections In Copyright Law

Independent researchers have uncovered major cyber-security weaknesses and emissions scams, but the government agencies that benefit most don't appreciate the help.

Uber hires the guys who hacked a Jeep Cherokee [UPDATE]

Charlie Miller And Chris Valasek Head To Ride-Sharing Giant

Chris Valasek and Charlie Miller, the security researchers behind some of the most prominent car-hacking studies to date, are taking on their next automotive challenge.

Chevy Corvette is latest car breached by hackers

Researchers Manipulated Brakes From A Smartphone

In the latest car-hacking exploit in a summer full of them, researchers from the University of California-San Diego say they've found a way to manipulate braking in a 2013 Chevrolet Corvette. The vulnerabilities may not be limited to that car.

Autoblog Minute: Black Hat event spotlights cyber hacking

Information Security Conference Underway In Las Vegas

The annual Black Hat conference is underway in Las Vegas, where an extra emphasis will be placed on automotive security.

The problem with how automakers confront hacking threats

Instead Of Fighting Hackers, They're Fighting The Messengers

More than anyone, Chris Valasek and Charlie Miller are responsible for alerting Americans to the hacking perils awaiting them in their modern-day cars.

Are future vehicular hacks inevitable?

Multiple high-profile car hacks this year suggest that vehicles aren't entirely secure from software vulnerabilities. Experts say that future problems are inevitable.

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