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GM veteran Bryan Nesbitt tapped to head Buick design

General Motors is moving design veteran Bryan Nesbitt to become the global boss of Buick styling.

GM North American design chief Bryan Nesbitt to run Cadillac, report to Lutz

Shakeups in the RenCen continue apace. You know how Bob Lutz says that General Motors will be design-driven going forward? It looks as if he wasn't kidding. Later today, GM will formally announce that current North American design head Brian Nesbitt will assume a new and very different role as the general manager of the Cadillac division.

GM shuffles global design team

GM's made some fairly significant changes to its domestic and international design teams, with former Chrysler designer Bryan Nesbitt coming out pretty good. Nesbitt moves from executive director of design for GM Europe to vice president of design for North America, reporting directly to Ed Welburn, vice president of GM global design. The VP of design NA is a new position according to GM's press release (on the jump). You probably remember Nesbitt's role in the PT Cruiser, HHR and Solstice desig