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Factoring the costs of gasoline, insurance, repairs, taxes and fees, BankRate.com has determined the most and least expensive states to operate a car.

The study found Georgia to be the most expensive state, mostly due to the sprawling nature of its biggest city, Atlanta. Because Georgians spend a lot of time in the car, gasoline and insurance costs are quite high.

Conversely, Oregon was the cheapest state, courtesy of having no sales tax and low insurance costs.

Click through to see if your state is on the list. For a full breakdown of the costs in all 50 states, head over to BankRate.com.
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No. 5 Cheapest - Indiana

Average Cost Per Year: $2,698

Drivers in Indiana enjoy low taxes and insurance costs on their vehicles. All in all, they pay about $2,700 per year to operate their car.
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No. 4 Cheapest - Montana

Average Cost Per Year: $2,660

Car owners in Montana are not only treated with beautiful scenic roads, but also low taxes and car repair costs.
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No. 3 Cheapest - South Dakota

Average Cost Per Year: $2,343

Owning a car in South Dakota costs just $2,343 per year. On average, drivers pay a miniscule $524 per year for insurance.
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No. 2 Cheapest - Alaska

Average Cost Per Year: $2,227

If you own a car in beautiful Alaska, you're in luck when it comes to costs. People pay just over $2,200 per year on average.
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No. 1 Cheapest - Oregon

Average Cost Per Year: $2,204

Oregon is the cheapest state to operate a vehicle. In addition to low repair and insurance costs, taxes/fees amount to just $157 per year on average.
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No. 5 Most Expensive - Nevada

Average Cost Per Year: $3,886

Nevada may be fun for vacationers, but it's more painful than most states when it comes to owning a car. Taxes and insurance are quite high in the Silver State.
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No. 4 Most Expensive - Rhode Island

Average Cost Per Year: $3,913

Rhode Island may be a small state, but it's an expensive state to own a car. Owners pay almost $4,000 per year to operate a vehicle.
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No. 3 Most Expensive - Wyoming

Average Cost Per Year: $3,938

Gasoline costs in Wyoming are higher than every other state. Car owners pay over $1,600 per year to keep their vehicle filled up.
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No. 2 Most Expensive - California

Average Cost Per Year: $3,966

Almost everything is more expensive in California, including car ownership. Taxes and fees are especially high.
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No. 1 Most Expensive - Georgia

Average Cost Per Year: $4,233

Georgia is the most expensive state to operate a car, courtesy of very high taxes and fees, as well as high gas costs.
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