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When I was your age ...

This was your humble slideshow author bundled up some time in the late 1980s with his Power Wheels Jeep. It was very slow, incredibly noisy and couldn't go very far on a charge. Honestly, I didn't drive it much, preferring the James-powered Cozy Coupe and its superior range. (I guess electric cars haven't change much over the years, eh?).

Anywho, to my knowledge the Power Wheels Jeep and Barbie Corvette were the only choice in the '80s. But, oh boy, was I surprised to see what you can get now ... and this is just at Toys R Us, Target and Walmart. There are plenty of others available, including even fancier and expensive ones, as well as self-powered models.

-James Riswick

  • Image Credit: Toys R Us

2017 Power Wheels Jeep $324

The original still looks pretty cool. Not very off-roady tires, though, and there are no windshield wipers you can manually move. I'm guessing it's a wee bit quieter. 
  • Image Credit: Toys R Us

Power Wheels Mustang $360

I definitely would've been more into a Mustang back in the day. 
  • Image Credit: Target

Power Wheels Porsche 911 GT3 $350

Now we're talking. This thing is rad. Leader in the clubhouse so far. 
  • Image Credit: Wal-mart

Star Wars Landspeeder $250

Are you kidding me?! Yes, the Star Wars Landspeeder is now available as a 12-volt ride on car. Toys R Us says this was named Outdoor Toy of the Year. Sounds about right.
  • Image Credit: Toys R Us

Rollplay Chevy Silverado $400

Sorry GM, Ford's beating you in the tiny truck game. Available in black and red. 
  • Image Credit: Toys R Us

Rollplay Kids' Mercedes-Benz GL450 $180

This is kinda lame. Ugly too. Unless you actually own a GL and your kids want what mom and dad drive, why pick this over something else here? 
  • Image Credit: Target

Power Wheels Cadillac Escalade $400

Available in black or Barbie pink, the Escalade "provides all the realistic features kids love, including a spacious interior, 'chrome' accents, working doors, a real FM radio with MP3 jack ..." Wait, back the truck up. A working radio and aux jack?! Kids these days. 
  • Image Credit: Toys R Us

Avigo Land Rover Defender $350

It's like the Power Wheels Jeep, but presumably WAY pricier to maintain. Fake winch, though, that's neat. 
  • Image Credit: Toys R Us

Peg Perego John Deere Gator XUV $400

Not a car, but still extremely cool. Peg Perego sells a variety of scaled-down ATVs and other outdoorsy adventure vehicles. 
  • Image Credit: Toys R Us

Kid Motorz Chevy Bel Air $300

Get your kids into classic cars early with this classic Chevy Bel Air available in pink and blue. 
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