Ferrari GTC4 Lusso gray
  • Ferrari GTC4 Lusso gray
    • Image Credit: Ferrari

    The Ferrari GTC4 Lusso Configurator

    Historically, Ferraris are red. But the GTC4 Lusso is anything but a traditional Ferrari. With all-wheel drive and a hatchback profile, the Lusso would leave Enzo's jaw on the floor. This new model is actually a refresh of the FF, adding more power, all-wheel steering, and a throwback name. With the car's configurator now live, our staff immediately set about creating their dream versions. Click through for more of our favorites.
  • Ferrari GTC4 Lusso
    • Image Credit: Ferrari

    Jeremy Korzeniewski – Consumer Editor

    Not very imaginative, I admit. But it's a Ferrari, and a Ferrari should be red. And it should have as many yellow Prancing Horse badges of honor as possible. Gold brake calipers look pretty cool, too. Inside, I went with a mix of leather and Alcantara in Tortora and Rosso Red, with black for the upper dash and console. A yellow tach brings some of the exterior in, and a digital display for the passenger reminds them they're riding in a high-revving Italian supercar. And since there's room for four, I brightened things up with the panoramic roof. Of course, I'll keep the windows down as much as possible, just to revel in the sound of the optional sport exhaust.
  • ferrari gtc4 lusso blue
    • Image Credit: Ferrari

    Alex Kierstein – Senior Editor

    I love nontraditional Ferraris, and especially the large grand touring models, in blue. I saw a 250GT Lusso in blue once, and it made my brain hurt. I also love leather in the deeper natural shades; think saddles and really soft baseball gloves. Thankfully, the GTC4 Lusso is as nontraditional as modern Ferraris come, and it looks brilliant in Blu Pozzi over Cuoio leather, with blue carpets and stitching. I like the look of the aluminum-faced rev counter. My favorite detail? The configurator has an option for a “handy fire extinguisher.” How can you turn that down?
  • ferrari gtc4 lusso russo dino
    • Image Credit: Ferrari

    Greg Migliore – Senior Editor

    My GTC4 Lusso is a blend of modern style with a nod to the past. The black 20-inch forged wheels with carbon-fiber hubcaps are the definition of contemporary cool. The exterior color, Rosso Dino, comes from my obsession with Ferrari's long history. I went with dark edges for the grille to match the wheels, and added Scuderia badges because the crest is iconic and I'd want it on my car. Inside, I selected a dark interior broken up by red carpet and stitching. I also added Apple CarPlay and instruments for the passenger. Sometimes I spec-out cars in a totally fantastic manner, but this is one configuration that's true to my tastes.

  • Ferrari GTC4 Lusso green
    • Image Credit: Ferrari

    David Gluckman – Editorial Program Manager

    I clicked on the Historical color palette expecting to see a bunch of vintage Ferrari reds. I found some of those plus a color called Verde British, laughed to myself about the incongruity, and chose it. The car looks pretty great in green. From there I kept the look simple: standard wheels because chrome does not belong on a modern Ferrari, gray brake calipers, Ferrari shields on the fenders, and a mostly untouched tan interior. I did add red stitching and continue the tan theme up into the headliner. Options include the suspension lift, because this is an "everyday use" Ferrari if there is such a thing, and the ADAPTIVE HEADLIGHTS, because that's the only option listed in ALL CAPS and I couldn't ignore it. I chose the sport exhaust system because how could you not, Apple CarPlay (I'm shocked that's even an option), and the nifty passenger display, and I skipped the high-power audio system since I'm pretty sure that's the sport exhaust's job.

    Side note: I love the "explore the reflections" slider option on this configurator. It lets you move the sun around to see what it will do to the paint. It's probably not very accurate, like most configurator paint representations, but it sure is neat.

  • ferrari gtc4 lusso side
    • Image Credit: Ferrari

    Brandon Turkus – Associate Editor

    The GTC4 Lusso might be a Ferrari, but it’s not supposed to be a shouty Ferrari. Leave that to the plebes in their common 488 GTBs. Buyers of the GTC4 Lusso should be refined and classy, and the car should reflect that. So I’ve gone with a blue that’s so-dark-it’s-black – the lovely Blu Pozzi. That’s not to say there isn’t some visual shoutiness here, though. The calipers are gold, and a Ferrari isn’t a Ferrari without the traditional fender shields. And as for the 20-inch forged diamond wheels, I just kind of like the look.

    I’ve stuck with the Cuoio upholstery, but I’ve complemented it with Blu Medio wherever possible. That includes the seat inserts, seat belts (those are actually just Blu) center tunnel “elements” and headliner. It’s a clean, subtle look that I think ties together the interior and the exterior very nicely. Also, a tan-and-blue cabin just screams Italian car to me. No idea why.

    Optional extras? There’s a sport exhaust, so that V12 can really sing. I’ve also selected Apple CarPlay, the upgraded stereo, and because this is still a Ferrari, the optional fire extinguisher.
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