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Every Ferrari and a few Mercedes cars and vans are implicated.

The affected vehicles will be recalled by the end of 2018.


And apparently that's not enough.

That's 70 versions of each vehicle in its current lineup, each with its own heritage-inspired design.


This is how the Autoblog staff would spec out the GTC4 Lusso. The colors and options are as varied as our tastes for Ferrari's all-wheel-drive supercar.


You don't see a lot of shooting brakes on the market these days, but Ferrari has taken another stab at it by replacing the FF with the sleeker GTC4 Lusso, unveiled at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show.


Ferrari is bringing the new GTC4 Lusso to the Geneva Motor Show, picking up where the FF left off with revised sheetmetal, more power, and four-wheel steering to go with its all-wheel drive.