• Autoblog Military has been around for nearly a year now. Combined with that upcoming milestone and this weekend’s Memorial Day holiday, we’ve decided to look back at the ten most popular Military stories to appear on these digital pages.

    There’s a fair mix of coverage involving the armies, navies, and air forces, as well as the vehicles, ships, and planes they test. There are videos of supersonic F/A-18 Hornets, a report on the tragic downing of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17, speculation on the future of stealth technology, and even a look inside the Zumwalt-class destroyer. 

    Cycle through the above images, and check out what we’ve come up with in the past year.

  • mh17 crash russia ukraine jet
    • Image Credit: Peter Dejong / AP

    Following the downing of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 by a surface-to-air missile, authorities investigating the downing remain unsure of the source of the missile.

    Full story and video here. 

  • zumwalt destroyer navy usn ddg
    • Image Credit: General Dynamics / USN

    The US Navy's newest – and arguably most fascinating – combat ship is the USS Zumwalt. Slated for commissioning this year, you can get an inside look at the guided-missile destroyer in this feature.

    Full story here.

  • scorpion fighter national guard test
    • Image Credit: Textron AirLand

    The Scorpion, an affordable alternative to the US military's latest fighters, made an appearance as part of a major National Guard exercise, raising eyebrows among observers.

    Full story here. 

  • jltv lockheed martin humvee replacement
    • Image Credit: Lockheed Martin

    Defense contractor Lockheed Martin is preparing its entry for the US military's Humvee replacement program, with a new production line at a factory that's never built trucks before.

    Full story here.

  • hms talent royal navy britain russia
    • Image Credit: MCS2 Amanda R. Gray / USN

    The British Royal Navy submarine HMS Talent suffered damage to its conning tower after allegedly hitting some floating ice. There are those that wonder whether it was actually a collision with a Russian sub that caused the damage, though.

    Full story here. 

  • f-35b hover marines lightning ii
    • Image Credit: Cpl. Ken Kalemkarian / USMC

    The first squadron of pilots operating the Marine Corps variant of the new F-35 Lightning II has begun its training, marking a significant step in the deployment of the controversial fighter.

    Full story and video here.

  • reaper mq-9 drone uav training
    • Image Credit: Lt. Col. Leslie Pratt / USAF / AP

    A US Air Force Reaper drone successfully destroyed a target at sea, sinking a training vessel in the Gulf of Mexico.

    Full story here.

  • hornet f-18 ball video aerobatics
    • Image Credit: Wingnut Wick

    Hornet Ball 2014 is a ten-minute video showing the US Navy's current front-line fighter in its natural environment – doing really crazy things while in flight.

    Full story and video here. 

  • jay leno today show hellcat challenger
    • Image Credit: The Today Show

    Comedian and car nut Jay Leno surprised a wounded US Army soldier with the highly regarded, 707-horsepower Dodge Challenger Hellcat.

    Full story and video here.

  • f-117 stealth nighthawk air force navy stealth
    • Image Credit: USAF / Getty Images

    The future of stealth could take many forms, most of which are being debated by three of the biggest parties involved – the US Air Force, Navy, and contractor Lockheed Martin.

    Full story here. 

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