2016 Shelby GT350R
  • 2016 Shelby GT350R
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    "An all-day track car that's also street legal"

    The original Shelby GT350 introduced in 1965 helped establish the Ford Mustang's performance credentials. The all-new Shelby GT350 Mustang, featuring the most powerful naturally aspirated Ford production engine ever, is a world-class performance vehicle, designed to tackle the planet's most challenging roads. Ford calls it an all-day track car that's also street legal.

    The new GT350 builds on Carroll Shelby's original idea – transforming a great every-day car into a dominant road racer – by taking advantage of a dramatically improved sixth-generation Mustang to create a truly special driving experience. Driving enthusiasts behind the wheel of a Shelby GT350 can expect to be treated to the most balanced, nimble and exhilarating production Mustang yet.

    And if you want even more performance, a hardcore GT350R is also available.

    Want to have some fun building one yourself? Click here for all the details.

    Ford Shelby GT350 Information

    Ford Shelby GT350
  • 2016 Ford GT350 Mustang
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    A balanced package was the goal

    With 526 horsepower and 429 pound-feet of torque, the 2016 Shelby GT350's 5.2-liter V8 engine and its flat-plane crankshaft are the headline-grabbing bits that people are talking about. But there's a lot more to the overall GT350 package than a powerful engine.

    According to Raj Nair, Ford group vice president, Global Product Development, “When we started working on this car, we wanted to build the best possible Mustang for the places we most love to drive – challenging back roads with a variety of corners and elevation changes – and the track on weekends. ... Every change we made to this car was driven by the functional requirements of a powerful, responsive powerplant – nimble, precise handling and massive stopping power.”

    Ford GT350 Information

    Ford GT350
  • 2016 Ford Shelby GT350R
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    2016 Ford Shelby GT350R

    If you plan to take your Shelby Mustang to the race track, Ford's 2016 GT350R is the car to choose.

    “This isn’t just about horsepower. The Shelby GT350R is an all-around balanced athlete – one that is extraordinarily precise and agile,” says Raj Nair.

    Lightweight carbon fiber wheels are standard on Shelby GT350R, making Ford the first major automaker to introduce this innovative wheel technology as standard equipment.

    Ford Shelby GT350R Information

    Ford Shelby GT350R
  • 2016 Ford Shelby GT350R spoiler
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    2016 Ford Shelby GT350R

    Ford engineers delivered against aggressive targets for weight reduction on the Shelby GT350R. If a part did not make the car faster around a road course, it was considered for deletion.

    Items removed include air conditioning, the stereo system, rear seats, trunk floorboard and carpet, backup camera and emergency tire sealer and inflator. Exhaust resonators also have been removed for weight savings with the benefit of creating a sharper exhaust tone.

    Shelby GT350R is more than 130 pounds lighter than the Shelby GT350 Track Pack model, which has proven its durability in multiple 24-hour racetrack tests.

    For customers seeking more comfort in their Shelby GT350R, Ford is offering an optional Electronics Package. Included is dual-zone air conditioning, 8-inch touch screen with navigation, seven-speaker audio system, turn signal mirrors and more.

    Finally, a full aerodynamics package was added to the GT350, making an already aggressive car look positively menacing, while helping it stick to the road.

    Ford Shelby GT350R Information

    Ford Shelby GT350R
  • 2016 Ford GT350 interior
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    2016 Ford GT350 interior

    The interior of the new Shelby GT350 Mustang has been optimized for the ultimate performance driving experience. Recaro sport seats come standard.

    An all-new integrated driver control system allows selection of five unique modes that tailor ABS, stability control, traction control, steering effort, throttle mapping, MagneRide tuning and exhaust settings, depending on driver preference, to achieve maximum performance.

    Drivers interested in comfort, convenience and entertainment upgrades may select the Tech Pack, which includes power, leather-trimmed seats; Shaker Audio; 8-inch MyFord Touch® LCD touch screen; and dual zone electronic temperature control, to name a few features.

    Ford Shelby GT350 Information

    Ford Shelby GT350
  • 2016 Ford Shelby GT350R Mustang Ride Along
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    2016 Ford Shelby GT350R Mustang Ride Along

    Autoblog Senior Editor Greg Migliore hits the track at Grattan Raceway to take some hot laps in the passenger seat of the most track-focused Mustang ever produced, the 2016 Ford Shelby GT350R Mustang.
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