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4.5 out of 5

So far so good

2016-04-18 01:12:11

We like it. It comes very well equipped for around 35k. We bought the 2.0 Ultimate with every option except AWD. It has tons of technology, awesome 19 inch rims, and good power overall. I am very pleased with my decision to get this SUV.

2017 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport

2015 Huyndai Santa Fe Sport, Silver Streak

2015-09-11 06:28:53

I bought my Santa Fe Sport in June 15 with only 4 miles on it. I was immediately surprised and quite pleased with the horsepower and performance of the 2.4 l 190 hp GDI engine. Acceleration is really good it will get up and go. I roughly timed 0-60mph at about 8 secs not bad for a heavy SUV and that wasn't putting my foot thru the floorboard. I bought the base model. Not really that many more options that I needed. The ride is comfortable. I don't think it bounces around much over city potholes. Very smooth ride on the freeway. Only issue I have is you can't see parking lot lines while parking. So you kinda have to guess where they are and most times I am right on them. The Sport came with Continental tires not Kumho. My Elantra had Kuhmo tires and they were very noisy. The dash is laid out very well and everything is easy to read and reach. Lots of storage in center console and glove box. I got the 10yr 100k warranty I believe I'll keep this Hyundai Santa Fe Sport a very long time. Backing up visibility is pretty good looking over your shoulder. I can't really tell the difference between the three modes of steering so I just leave it on "normal" All in all its a really nice vehicle and I am enjoying it very much.

2015 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport

very nice transition away from a Honda.

2012-12-21 21:04:42

I traded in a Crosstour for this car. I wanted a Navigation system and needed a rear-view camera. Disappointed with lack of driver seat memory capability, surprised by lack of daytime running lights. I also had liked the CR-V, but could not get the driver's seat to adequately adjust for my shortness. I call this car a "CR-V on steroids." Good acceleration with the 2.0T version. Great stereo, handles my iPod and love how the stereo volume gets turned down for a phone call or for directions from the navigation system. Also the graphics on the 8" navigation screen are gorgeous. Couldn't believe that the Crosstour didn't have a travel computer, which this car has. I have also been impressed by the capacity of this car to haul cargo, with or without the rear seats turned down. Love the keyless entrance and push-button starter. I also looked at a Kia Sorento, but like the fluid lines of the Santa Fe Sport better. Handling of the Santa Fe, turnng circle, braking all point to a great vehicle.

2013 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport

2013 Santa Fe Sport T 2.0

2012-12-19 16:28:08

Treaded in an 07 Santa Fe for this new. We loved the 07 but it was getting long in the tooth. It had 106000+ miles + nothing wrong with the older one just wanted a new one. What a difference this one of the most comfortable cars I have owned, I have back issues and this one is great on the back. We got the T 2.0 as we do many roadtrips and I want to pass safely when the needs arrives. When traveling at 55 and you need to get around someone and smash the pedal you are around them very fast. We are getting about 25MPG so far, only one month old. This car is my wifes but I wish I could afford one for me. The package is one step below the top and has everything we need and more. This SUV is a hugh bang for your buck. Go drive one I think you will like it.

2013 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport

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