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4.5 out of 5

Tina Montoya

2016-07-07 23:58:06

I have experienced this too, almost hit the car in front of me, I just took my foot off the brake and it lunged forward. I also almost hit a man crossing in front of me when I took my foot off the brake at the bank... It happens alot. Please email when this gets recalled. Thank you!

2007 Ford Freestyle

Ford Freestyle 2006 - Reliable, safe and comfortable.

2009-05-09 13:12:07

I bought this car used and left for vacation the next day. We drove 650 miles in comfort and without trouble. In time, we did have a problem with the A/C shutting off, a problem in Florida. The dealer repaired the thermostat setting and I have not had any trouble since. I have had this car for 2 and a half years, absolutely love it. I am sorry they no longer make this model, I will have to drive this one for as long as possible

2006 Ford Freestyle

Review of 2005 Ford Freestyle

2009-01-18 23:21:12

2005 Ford Freestyle

love it

2008-12-17 18:06:35

i traded in my Honda accord Ex for the freestyle because i wanted more room...Im happy I did..I love my Freestyle..Its been a great vehicle..seats 7 and the back seats fold completely flat which is great because I have 2 Big dogs..I'm sad they are going to stop making it but Im going to get the Taurus-X which is almost the same but even better ( my neighbor has one and loves it) ... overall I give the freestyle 5 stars..its practical and pleasing in every category... I LOVE it ! and I feel very safe in it..

2007 Ford Freestyle

2006 Ford Freestyle comfort and mileage

2008-09-06 22:12:43

I've had a 2006 Ford Freestyle Limited now for almost three years and it's been great in a variety of ways. It's got lots of cargo space which has been very important for loading it up to take my daughter to college with her mini fridge, microwave, TV, clothes, etc. I've taken that 400-mile drive several times now and the Freestyle is very comfortable as it averages about 25-26 miles to the gallon. (It actually does 27 mpg if I drive 55, but Route 95 is mostly a 65-mph route). I actually like the smooth CVT (aka no "shift shock").

2006 Ford Freestyle


2008-08-30 15:25:51

Owned this 2006 new from Nov 05 -- I couldn't ask for a car that gives me a more safer feeling. 5 stars.

2006 Ford Freestyle

Review of 2006 Ford Freestyle

2008-05-05 11:09:05

2006 Ford Freestyle

Review of 2007 Ford Freestyle

2007-11-01 02:09:05

No problems or complaints. My car runs great and has more pickup than most SUV's on the road. With the exception of gas prices climbing making driving less pleasurable, I'm very happy with my purchase.

2007 Ford Freestyle

Practical Car but beware of the CVT

2007-10-23 01:24:47

I owned a 2005 Freestyle for two months when my transmission went wild and I literally had no control over the vehicle. It was a life threatening situation and terrifying experience. The cause was a malfunctioning CVT. I traded the '05 and bought the identical car in the '06 model. To date, it's been fine. I've owned it for almost two years. For '08, Ford no longer uses the CVT which is wise. It's very smooth but too troublesome.

The Freestyle is a wonderful car in many respects but it definitely needed a stronger engine ('08 has a 3.5)and the elimination of the CVT. My gut feeling is that Ford will replace this vehicle (now called Taurus X) with the '09 Flex. Because of the CVT and because, hard as I try, I just don't trust it, I will be trading my vehicle probably on a Lincoln MKX or Edge or I might go back to the old faithful Crown Victoria. I believe the Crown Vics and Mercury Grand Marquis are still Ford's most reliable cars and their gas mileage isn't bad for the size, safety, power and comfort.

Except for the malfunctioning CVT, I've always had very good luck with Ford products and I highly recommend them. They are a solid, well made automobile and you can pack a lot of miles on them.

2006 Ford Freestyle

Love my 2005 freestyle

2007-09-13 10:02:04

My wife and I traded our 2002 windstar for a left over 2005 freestyle and could not be happier.

We have owned it through one bad winter and now I look forward to this winter. It was so much fun.

We get 25 miles to the gallon on the highway, even in the moutains.

I don't understand why no one knows what this car is.

We are always having to explain what a freestyle is.

2005 Ford Freestyle

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