2007 Ford Five Hundred Reviews

4 out of 5

Mr M

2016-04-20 12:25:07

It is alot of car for the money I bought 1 then I bought one for my daughter safety is a concern. My new one is the limited nicely equipped, it has been reliable, got to get used to the cvt but after that good to go.

2006 Ford Five Hundred

Review of 2007 Ford Five Hundred

2009-08-26 13:48:24

My 2007 five hundred AWD is a dream to drive, roomy and great on our New England roads in the winter. I love it. I hope Ford has a hit with the new Taurus.

2007 Ford Five Hundred

Review of 2005 Ford Five Hundred

2009-03-19 16:48:21

The Ford 500 is an awsome car, it has a nice looking body, easy on gas and very comfortble with plenty of room on the inside. This is one of Ford's BEST! I purchased my car August 2005.

2005 Ford Five Hundred

My Big 500

2008-09-12 16:45:11

Oh man, where do I start. I absolutely love my 07 SEL Ford five Hundred. This is the first car I purchased on my own. The spacious interior, and simple but elegant outside styling makes it that much more appealing. Better than the blatent styling of other mid-size sedans. No need to name the competitors b/c they dont exist to me anymore. I would recommend this vehicle to anybody looking for an affordable, luxury vehicle. It has all the bells and whistles you can ask for. All in all, i love my 500.

2007 Ford Five Hundred

GOOD Car for work & travel

2008-09-07 16:00:06

I bought the 2006 Ford 500 two years ago. I have put 60,000 miles on it commuting & visiting my kids in college. I really like it. No repairs, except a brake job and oil changes every 5,000 miles, The milage is usually over 25 MPG mixed(depending on highway mix). Huge trunk, plent of room, great visiblity. The CVT transmission is better than the CVT transmission that I had on Cadilac Caterra, my previous car

2006 Ford Five Hundred

Pretty Pile of Junk

2008-02-28 02:12:20

Bad Brakes, Wierd transmission, worse than poor dealer service. Avoid this one.

2007 Ford Five Hundred

An excellent choice

2007-10-16 12:47:33

This car and the Taurus that follows are thinking person cars. Good value, safe and functional. Disregard the negative comments elsewhere in this forum they are not owners just shallow bitter pod heads. Those that purchase these cars are not fooled by hype and deception.

2007 Ford Five Hundred

The BEST I've ever had!

2007-10-14 03:29:05

I absolutely love my car! I have never felt that way about a vehicle before. It handles well, is comfortable, has get up and go, the ride is nice as a passenger as well as a driver, the back seat is comfortable, the trunk as enough room for anything you want to put back there. I was lucky enough to get one with pretty much all the bells and whistles. And all this is from someone who really hates to drive! I looked at the new Taurus and while I think it is nice, I like my Five Hundred better. I agree with what someone else wrote about the marketing on this vehicle not being substantial. I have people asking me repeatedly what it is and saying they had never heard of it. I don't think Ford gave it enough of a chance. I love it, I love it, I love it! :)

2007 Ford Five Hundred

Great mileage, good value

2007-10-10 07:54:23

I've had a 2007 Ford 500 SEL for just over a year, and it's been very reliable. On the highway, I almost always get 30 MPG (and this is based on the onboard computer, not a seat-of-my-pants guesstimate). The car is very roomy and is a good road car. Why Ford couldn't do a better job marketing it is beyond me. I think the 500 looks better than the "new" Taurus rebadge of the 500. Even though they came out with the 500 in 2005, I still have people say, "I never saw a car like that". There are plenty on the road, but again, Ford did a poor job of marketing the car. If they had loaded up the rental fleets with them, the consumers would have had a good opportunity to see how well the car handles and the extraordinary gas mileage. I guess that's why Toyota has overtaken Ford.

2007 Ford Five Hundred

Review of 2005 Ford Five Hundred

2007-10-10 06:28:22

2005 Ford Five Hundred

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