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5.0 out of 5

great sport crossover

2016-05-29 05:51:57

The handling is amazing . Ford really did this one right. both the interior and electronics are great. The Snyc 3 is very easy to use. Quality is very good.

2016 Ford Edge

2014 ford edge sport

2015-05-08 07:40:05

I have always had Camaros or trucks and a mini cooper and when you put the pedal down there is no hesitation it puts you back in the seat just like the others . when cruising on highway at about 95 and above it has complete smooth ride I have ever felt over all its a great car and worth the price the only thing I don't like is it is very close quarters for the front passenger and driver my other half and I constantly are bumping elbows something that never happened in our other vechicles

2014 Ford Edge

From Escape to Edge

2012-05-27 22:16:57

Was Waiting for the new 2013 Escape. Ford had big money back plus 0% on Edge. I took a look and ended up buying an Eco Boost 2.0. I love this car, you would think that this car is a six cylinder with the power and response from the Eco Boost motor. I traded a 2010 four cylinder Escape which I liked very much. Also had a 2002 six cylinder Escape and it was a great car. This Edge is really remarkable. The Escape is great but Edge is way better. Remember Ford is owned by Ford not the government, take a look at the quality products from Ford. You will be as impressed as I was.

2012 Ford Edge

great car but sync is a little buggy

2011-12-12 19:15:25

i got my wife a 2011 for the space late last fall. It seemed like one of the best deals out there. We have a black Edge Sport, 300 horse power is quite nice. mpg at 20 mpg combind sounds low but most people I kknow with lexus and BMW X5 get less.Plus they cost 10-15K more than the 45,000 the Edge cost fully loaded. The larger tires and sport suspention make it handle quite well. In the snow the AWD is flawless, but this is not an off roader. The worst part is the Sync system. It is a bit buggy. The car has been to the dealership 4 times in one year for "reprogram" of it. The sync is great when it works right, maybe 80% of the tme. The quality of the interior is good as well as are the twin DVD palyers for the kids in the rear. i would recomend this car to anyone who is looking for a midsize crossover. maybe you would have better luck with sync. best rob

2011 Ford Edge

owner of 2008 SEL AWD

2011-01-09 19:53:16

Has Ford corrected the PTU problems. There should be a recall coming if everyone reports problem before 60,000 miles. You can smell the problem inside car when packing greese drips on the exhust pipe.

2010 Ford Edge

Review of 2009 Ford Edge

2010-02-06 01:41:46

2009 Ford Edge

2009 Ford Edge Limited

2010-01-14 10:30:26

I can't say enough about the Edge. The fit and finish of this Crossover is excellent. The gas milage is certainly in the range advertised. I have over 19,000 on the Edge since I purchased it last February. I feel very safe driving the Edge. I love the vista roof. Pat Swift

2009 Ford Edge

Review of 2010 Ford Edge

2010-01-08 09:30:22

I looked at the Equinox,it just didn't what i was looking for ,Style , amenities,comfort,the power just wasn't here,(dealer admitted the 4 had better take off than the 6)The Terrain,I never seen. The Edge has style ,amenities,and power.I AM NOT the person to write a review for anyone ,for any reason,but this is an exception,I had a Envoy,and it was ok,but I was not happy with it 07,The GM dealers just didn't seem to want my business, The dealer in Greenfield,Ma.answered all my questions, didn't say ,I'll get back to you. I will not write more ,you will think I am a ford salesman,I am not ,I know what my wife and I want in a vehicle.and the Edge sells itself,We go to O.O.B,ME.as much as possible,the Edge takes on Rt.2,495and 95.We are very pleased with our Edge. it is more than I expected.

2010 Ford Edge

best ride

2009-10-09 11:04:56

i bouht a ford edge because they did not take any govt money .to my suprise,My first car in 30 years made in usa it is the best car i ever owned,sctanton ford salesman jim graviana was great to deal with ,i had bought 4 cars at dickson city hundai and there service really went down hill .They became all about the money .the edge is a dream

2009 Ford Edge

Review of 2010 Ford Edge

2009-10-04 05:29:29

Had it for about 2 months now , love it more each day. Lots of room, and features clean crisp styling good gas milage , and plenty of power. Most comfortable car I've ever rode in .

2010 Ford Edge

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