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4 out of 5


2016-03-15 12:03:31

For me this car has been great. I bought it the first year it was made and still driving it. Some weather stripping problems from Florida intense sun/heat. Love the room in the car. Back so spacious it is almost like a wagon when I need to haul stuff to a show. Has been the perfect car for me.

2011 Dodge Caliber


2016-03-05 16:47:31


2007 Dodge Caliber

I love my Caliber

2013-07-21 03:13:45

I have a 2011 Dodge Caliber express, i bought it bran new in October of 2011. So where to start, I know, I requested that My new Dodge Caliber have a 5 Speed Stick!! NOT an AUTOMATIC!!!! I had to wait a week for them to get one as the closes stick was 1000 miles away at another dealer. So as you read this PLEASE keep that in mind. I have read on a lot of reviews that this car has a lot of blind spot, For me the caliber has no blind spots, My windows are Tinted pitch Black 2% and i tow stuff all the time and back them up with no Problems, if you know how to use your side mirrors like you should you don't even have to turn around to back up, so no problem. My stock rear view mirror is in the middle of the car so the head rest don't bother the view. THE QUALITY: The Quality of the whole car is a 8.5 out of 10. Almost 2 years later and i have had no problems with the caliber at all. The seats are comfy and roomy, we sit 5 in ours just fine all the time. THE PERFORMANCE: Performance is really good, this is not a sports car, but when you need it and down shift and step on it it does good. We have a 16 foot open bow water ski boat that we take to the lake every weekend end 25 miles one way from home and we have had no problems towing (no fish tailing) with it (with 5 people and gear in the car at the same time). i also have a 14 foot utility trailer that we use loaded full for camping all over the states of Washington and Oregon. THE TIRES: The stock tires suck as the car is kinda all over the road, but if you put some nice performance tires on the car it handles awesome. DRIVERS LESSON: My son learned to drive and took his test at 17 no problem in this car. I don't worry when he is driving, i know he will be safe in a well built car. To sum things up, i love the car, Great family car great towing and you still get 24 mpg city and 30 mpg highway. I would RECOMMEND this Car.

2011 Dodge Caliber

Review of 2012 Dodge Caliber

2012-11-25 19:54:35

cvt transmission hunts approx 1200 rpm. 100% gas pedal and engine will rev ****** max, transmission has to "catch" up, then rpms drop. highway cruising is smooth and quiet. seats are comfortable. sat. radio froze up, dealer replaced under warranty. cannot ck transmission fluid level "this is a dealer ck only " , there is no dipstick!

2012 Dodge Caliber

07 caliber r/t

2011-06-16 22:23:14

the car has been very reliable but i've had a few problems. the a/c pump went out @ 65,000 miles. the front suspension is weak. i had to replace both front lower control arms and struts @ 70000 miles. i understand that these problems are common with calibers. the body is beginning to rust. i think that the body will eventually fall off of the engine. not very impressed . the warranty was terribly short. not much car for the money. other manufacturers offer much better warranties on comparable models.

2007 Dodge Caliber

Best American car I've ever owned

2011-06-16 20:04:42

I bought a used Caliber in January 2008 and am still driving it. I LOVE it and am shipping it from NJ to NV when I move in July. I'm short but this car allows me to see over the hood. The "leatherette" seats are comfortable and the glove box refrigerator will be a plus in NV in the summer. The mileage is good and the rear section is great when shopping. I've had new Mustangs, Chevy Caprices, Buick Skylarks, Ford Wagond and nonoe of them have given me the quality of the Caliber. I hope it lasts me for many more years!!!

2007 Dodge Caliber

Worse Car I've Driven in Years

2011-03-13 22:47:57

This car has so many blind spots, the "chopped top" look obviously compromises safety. The rear hatch small windows tend to block views. The front end rounds over so much that it is hard to guage distance for parking. The head rests in the up position can also block views. There is no quality in the construction of this vehicle, welcome to the new millenium of low quality technology and construction. Performance wise, forget it. Not only do you experience the sluggish acceleration 4 cylinder cars tended to have years ago, the rear will fishtail if you must accelerate quickly, so hopefully you won't have to get the hell out of Dodge because you can put your safety at risk while trying to avoid another accident, especially in wet conditions. I would NEVER recommend this car for a new driver (especially teenagers) or an area with a lot of precipitation.

2011 Dodge Caliber


2011-01-17 11:37:16

Bought our 2008 DC brand new from authorized dealership only a year and a half ago. So far the sunroof has leaked causing mold damage to the interior of the car, had to have oxydiation treatments to get rid of the smell, no guarentee it won't return. Sunroof had to be repositioned and fixed as well. Next, car suddenly won't start for no known reason, had to be towed to dealership...for a new car that has had excellent upkeep and maintenance this is unacceptable. Thanking God it is still under warranty. For all of the owners remarking that this is the best car you have ever owned please humor us all with the type of car you previously had...it must have been a real lemon to make this look appealing. Research this vehicle on the web you will find numerous complaints on performance and leaks among other issues - there are far better choices out there, take the time to find one!

2008 Dodge Caliber


2010-12-27 09:19:03

Everyone should have a car like this one, great gas mileage, drives like a dream, everybody who see's it or rides in ti just loves it, I will never sell mine, radio sounds great, oh, did I say it gets great gas mileage !!, got the back windows tinted, I'm just styling now!! Don't hate me cause I got one and you don't !

2007 Dodge Caliber

56000 miles and still going strong

2010-06-14 15:04:25

I bought my Caliber in November 2006 when my Sebring Convertible literally died in my driveway. I was already looking at the Caliber as a second car (I have the AWD RT). Have the oil changed every 3,000 or so,get the recommende maintenance service, had new tires but on last year, but no other problems, even though a few times I thought some noises were signs of trouble, they were only minor adjustments. I can fit the strangest things in this car! It's comfortable for long drives, have the satellite radio, no complaints at all.

2007 Dodge Caliber

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