2019 BMW X6 M Reviews

2019 X6 M New Car Test Drive

The following review is for a 2018 Model Year. There may be minor changes to current model you are looking at.


Few vehicles draw such contrasting visual impressions as the BMW X6. Not everyone falls for the lushly sloped-roof profile; but for those who do, it's a truly distinctive-looking vehicle, even after a decade on the market. Somehow, BMW designers made this eye-catching, still-daring crossover look somewhat pudgy, but also slinky. 

BMW established the basic pattern, which has since been adopted by several premium manufacturers. BMW also offers a smaller version: the fashionable X4, derived from the company's compact, conventionally-looking X3. 

Differences between the X5 and X6 are negligible when viewed from the front. Below the beltline, too, the X6 looks almost like a traditional crossover. Higher up, the difference becomes dramatic. 


Classy as well as tastefully refined, the X6 cabin promises a comfortable ride for as many as five occupants, provided the back-seaters aren't too tall. Only a glance at the profile is needed to realize that rear headroom has to be restricted. 

Front passengers can expect comfortable seats with multiple adjustments, promising a fine view ahead. In back, not only is headroom constricted, but entry/exit isn't so easy. 

The cargo hold also has problems. Tall items might not fit, due to the sloping back windows. Cargo volume totals almost 27 cubic feet, but BMW's traditional-looking X5 crossover holds about 9 more. Considering usable space rather than numerical volume, the difference is even greater. 

Every X6 feels solidly, carefully assembled. BMW offers a broad choice of interior trim, including several types of wood and aluminum. Leather upholstery comes in several grades. Each version is fitted with abundant standard equipment.