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5.0 out of 5

My just about 2 year review...

2018-04-23 23:59:00

I got this car as a pup, she had 15 miles on her when I first drove her (ships are shes, why not cars?). Funny as hell, I get out of the dealership driveway, the guy tells me to wind it up and dump the clutch, this is the 5th Subaru I've bought from him, he knows what speaks to me. With the Dunlops on the car just dug in and wanted for more. Once again, after a really positive experience in the GTI, an okay experience with the Focus ST which is totally not a slam on the car, you pay your money, you take your choice. I've been driving Subbie for a while and this car, it really is a damn driveable, nice Subbie. The powerband on the FA motor is great, the car pulls smoothly from 2,000 - 5,2000 rpm so smoothly, making it great to drive just about all the time, traffic sucks but that's universal. My car drives New England, so we have seasons, making it fun. Like the Subbie before her, she performs like a beast in the snow, given the change in personality over time. My '05 Rex was divine in her own right, just as my current car is a best in its way ( it just fits, she's a pretty little beast!). How did I decide on this car, my long history with Subaru notwithstanding? Well, I drove a few other cars, some competitors to my car, some, not really. The car that really stuck out, and I hate to say this, is the GTI, it's level of fit and finish are so much nicer. Seriously, I almost thought about selling my car to get a new GTI, my car is still worth something and I own it. Next up, the good part... It's close to Spring up here, so I took off my "no weather" tires and put my original Dunlop Summer Slicks back on, man, two different cars, over the winter, I turned off the traction control and drove her like I know how to drive a Subbie, and she was a beast, clawing her way up this one crazy, twisty New England road. I had the window open, I could hear my exhaust rumble and she just sang, bonking around second to fifth, a lot of third, great motor and in between to some mildly banked chicane curves or what some of us just call curvy sh** (I've been censored too many times), it was a blast, and the car reminded me of why we got together in the first place, to take advantage of those moments that present some fun driving. Honestly, I'm not slamming the GTI, I still love so much of that car, but here's what it is, and I've been driving Subbies for a while. Take one of the fun Subbies for a ride, anything XT, WRX, STI, GT, whatever, turn off the TCS( if present, I'm serious about that, in fact, in real snow, I was instructed to turn off TCS so the car can dig itself out, it works, big deal, so did all of the Subbies before it). This is my first one with the TCS stuff on board, just press the button and experience what Subaru wants you to experience, put the car in gear and let it rip down some serious winding road, surrounded by trees on either side, later on in the evening, when traffic is non-existent. Drive it like the car tells you to, you may have some fun.

2018 Subaru WRX

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