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2016-11-11 13:12:29

Love my new Fusion! I look for reasons to get behind the wheel of this car. No extra noise other than the usual when the moon-roof is open. I love the air movement when the side windows are open as I prefer not to use the A/C, so not an issue for me at. The only con I have is, I wish the speedometer was digital to complete the modern look. Just received an email that my car is charged, so i'm outa here...

2017 Ford Fusion

Ford Fusion 2.0L se awd.

2016-06-24 21:03:47

On highway driving from 50 or 70 km and plus, when i open the rear window the left or the right or both window with the front windows close i hear nose that i cannot stand it, to noisy it hurts my hears if i`m driving at 70 km and i speed up as to passe another car the noise dcbel will double the noise, it's like hum, and the rear view mirror vibrate, but not the steering wheel, no vibration on the saet. I have put half pieces of paper towel on the back seat with the rear windows down, the paper will move between the front seat and the back one and stay between the seats on the floor to my knowledge it is not the air turbulance inside the car cabin which cause that noise. Any body have experience that noise in their car or have try this test in the wind tunnel? If yes is what is the result?

2017 Ford Fusion

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