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Pure Heaven, except...

2016-03-17 08:10:05

The release of an F-Type Jaguar with a 6 speed manual transmission was a dream-come-true for purists that patiently waited 50 years for the return of a Jaguar with something close to the iconic beauty of the E-Type. And, under normal or mildly spirited driving conditions, the promise has been largely fulfilled. Unfortunately for the minority of owners of this car who will actually be taking advantage of this cat's prowess, severe disappointment looms. Trying to recreate the manufacturer's 0-60mph claims, the driver will experience the frustration of a clutch that refuses to hook up after a fast shift. Over 50% of the owners of the MT version on a popular enthusiast's forum are experiencing the same issue. Even though, the clutch holds just fine once it is fully engaged, it just does not have enough clamping force to reign in a spinning flywheel. I notice that the part numbers for both the flywheel and clutch plate have been updated. Perhaps Jaguar has resolved the issue for the 2017 model.

2016 Jaguar F-TYPE

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