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3.5 out of 5


2016-08-28 22:04:23

Fuc Honda civic 2016 for its bad quality and worst service!!Don't ********* quality!!I leased one Honda ************* February 2016. The AC was not working at new and the dealer tried to fix it for 3 times and it is still not working NOT. What the fukinging quality and service???? Don't trust it. By the way, I leased it from Dixie Road, Ideal Honda, Mississauga, Canada. I am trying to sue them and want to get supports. Please post my review. IT IS REAL. Ideal Honda knows who I am.Please contact me: Fukkhonda@gmail.com

2016 Honda Civic

Right mirror Directional camera

2016-07-05 10:34:42

2016 Honda Civic: driving in the rain went to use right directional signal and the camera image pops up on the screen half of the screen is obscure by water droplets on the camera lens rendering this technology useless.

2016 Honda Civic

2016 is a MAJOR improvement

2015-12-09 16:34:30

Just bought a 2015 earlier this year, then realized my mistake when I saw the specs for the 2016. So we fixed our mistake and traded in our 2015 (EX, 1.8L CVT) for the '16 (EX w/ Honda Sensing, 2.0L CVT). We paid a premium to do this, but man is it worth it! The 2016 is much quieter, more powerful, handles better, more stylish (subjective, of course), and feels much more luxurious. It just feels like a class higher than it actually is. The only complaints so far is that the adaptive cruise control can be a little over zealous in braking and accel, and Apple CarPlay has had a few minor hiccups (the worst being that the Music app wouldn't display once until the next restart). Beyond that, I am totally happy with this car and would absolutely make the decision again to trade up from a '15 if I had to do it over.More specifics:I love the change to the instrument panel. They kept the digital speedometer, which I love, but ditched the two-tier panel. Furthermore, the entire instrument panel is now a single LCD screen, which looks very modern and classy.Despite the few issues with Apple CarPlay, I love having it. The 2015 seemed to have too many screens and not enough functionality. Apple CarPlay makes the main 7" screen seem useful again, and I don't ever have to touch my phone anymore when it's hooked up.Also despite the adaptive cruise control being a little over zealous, it's still great to have. I went 10 miles/45 minutes in rush hour traffic and only had to touch the pedal once. It doesn't yet have my full trust, but it definitely reduces driver fatigue in the correct scenarios (it's best suited to extremes of traffic of slow-and-go and of free-flowing freeway).Also I'm a little disappointed that there's no designated place for my sunglasses, as there is in the '15 and the '07 I had before that. Very minor complaint, though.Overall, though, and perhaps most importantly, I can't say enough about how different the '16 feels to drive than the '15. In the '15 I felt like I was swaying side to side on turns. The '16 is stiffer, lower, and seems to handle better (I'm not a driving enthusiast, tho, so take my opinion with a grain of salt). Also, the quieter cabin makes it seem more solid and luxurious.

2016 Honda Civic

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