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2015-11-14 14:06:51

I bought a 2006 550I in 2010 from a great nation-wide used car dealer. A side whisper comment made from a technician was to purchase the 5 year 100% repair cost warranty. I must say, that was the best piece of advise I have ever received. I relocated to Hawaii where everything is overpriced so the warranty company couldn't offer me no out-of-pocket repair cost. In those 5 years, the warranty company paid over $17,000 in repairs while my portion totaled over $2,000, over half the purchase price. Everything from one of the radiator fans to oil leaking from a factory made and plugged hole in the engine that serves no purpose to a hydraulic stabilizing bar in front of the car to the differential gasket leaking. Now, I love everything about this car and I am actually shopping for another one, going to try brand new this time. But I refuse to own one without a warranty.

2016 BMW 550

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