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4.5 out of 5

2014 Ford Taurus Limited

2015-01-20 00:01:40

We purchased our 2014 Taurus Limited just a month and a half ago after I was in an accident with our Fusion. The looks and price is what attracted me to it, especially the rear. The front kind of looks dull, but the slight redesign of the tailights makes it look really sleek. Again it seems like a lot of car for the price point compared to other brands. I gave it a 4 star rating only due to the front end that has been the same for several years now and having to get adjusted to the controls on the radio and steering wheel. Actually much of it is duplication, but until you learn that the radio is actually a computer it may confuse you. We are very, very pleased with our purchase and look forward to many years of service out of it. We owned a Crown Vic, Taurus, two Towncars and the Fusion in the past, and several Ford Trucks, F100, F150 and F250's usually keep our vehicles near 10 years. Every Ford produce we have owned gave us great service. We also serviced them properly. This Taurus Limited is by far the best designed, even over the Towncars and again the price point on the Taurus Limited is much better. I grew up on Fords, owned other brands, but always came back. Years back vehicles rusted, including the Fords, but the other brands were totally rusted out before three years old, Fords gave a few extra years and is why my family stuck with them. These days the vehicles are just about all rust proof, great improvement, but comes at a cost. I've heard the term the old were better, what a false statement. Todays vehicles are much better quality, yes medal is thinner, but paint is better. Safety test are much better and the mechanics are also much more advanced. Years ago a vehicle that the owner got 100,000 miles out of was usually done, but had been considered a great vehicle. Now 100,000 miles of serviced properly is running as new and 300,000 miles can be easily achieved. All in all the Taurus Limited is a great, great car as well as value. John Taylor

2014 Ford Taurus

Mr. S.B. Jackson

2013-12-23 13:34:04

I love this car, it's sharp looking, roomy has all the bells and whistles one would consider in a car. Learning the XM radio and programing is a bit difficult but having a young person around who likes gadgets can get you thru the rough areas. the ride is so smooth and responsive. Ford did a good job making this car competive to all others and it's no longer your Mom and Pop car.

2014 Ford Taurus

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