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4.5 out of 5

2014 Cadillac XTS VSport Platinum w/RSE

2016-08-10 13:39:58

Purchased used, but still love it all the same. Softest power steering I have ever felt, like steering a cloud. The CUE system is good, not great. GM has since updated the software for 2015 and beyond, but in 2014, the response times to your touch can be a bit paused. My only complaint, and principal one is the sub-par rear-view camera this model is outfitted with. I've perused Cadillac blog sites and many other owners agree, it is grainy and you'll likely have seen better image son a 16K Prius' camera. The Heads Up Display was initially an annoyance for me, now I can't live without it and wish every other car I drive had it.

2014 Cadillac XTS

XTS Platinum has the best interior for the price!

2015-08-26 21:57:35

Best, large car for the money, used. I set the cruise to 65 mph and 6 hours later, 12 hours round trip, i m seeing 32.2 mpg! No other gasoline car with AWD can match. This car has the looks! And is easily distinguishable from a distance. The ride on rough roads can be firm, but the magnetic shocks work magic to keep the tires to the pavement. I recently tuned the ecu with HPTuners to 515 lb-ft of torque, up from 369 lb-ft stock, along with torque management changes this car spins the front wheels qhen enaging 2nd gear from 50-70 mph! The CUE works great and is flawless along with all the other safety features one could ask for.

2014 Cadillac XTS

Top of the line large American luxury sedan

2014-09-19 12:22:17

The Cadillac XTS sets the benchmark for a large American luxury sedan in many ways. Its back seat legroom is best-in-class. Its trunk space is outstanding. Its front seats feel like a shiatsu massage (though they apparently may pinch larger owners than my wife and me). Its top-line available safety features and heads-up display also lead the pack. The performance of the XTS is very good for the gas mileage it attains. Even on base-models, there's a capable magnetic-ride suspension which delivers a luxurious ride but lets you feel that the road is still there. There's a Camaro engine under the hood with over 300 HP and yet nearly 30 MHG highway. If you're like me, you'll enjoy the paddle shifters, which deliver quite a good response without harsh shifts (except from 2nd to 1st for aggressive engine braking). Further, for a large car, the XTS feels like a "driver's car," tracking well in moderately hard turns and demanding subtle inputs at high speeds. To complete the performance available even on the base models, the car has Brembo brakes, and you'll notice them; its stopping power is extraordinary for its weight (see for yourself against the German and Asian competition in any published comparison test). And finally, there's CUE and natural voice recognition. If you spend a few minutes understanding what Cadillac has accomplished here, you'll see the options you've been given to control every facet of your entertainment and comfort experience in the car. The XTS doesn't get near enough recognition for being a beautiful, luxurious, and satisfying car for an individual, couple or family that likes to live large. Anyone considering such a car would be advised to take a close look at the minor negatives being parroted by the automotive press and think for themselves.

2014 Cadillac XTS

2014 Cadillac XTS

2013-12-28 17:58:16

I currently have over 1200 miles on my new 2014 XTS and it has been a dream to drive and no problems what so ever. The Parking assist is amazing, navigation is unreal , CUE touch screen takes some practice but once mastered is terrific. I have the 3.6 liter 305 Hp engine and it is more than enough power and pick up for me - if you want to see how much trouble you can get into - you can get the 450 hp 3.6 liter double turbo - zero to 60 in 6.5 seconds is fast enough for me and faster than my 2007 CTS. The rear camera is becoming standard on most cars now but the crash alert warning system is special - as is the lane alert warning by vibrating the drivers seat. I compared the Mercedes E and BMW 5 series as well as the new 2014 CTS sedan ( its double turbot 2.0 liter engine worried me ) - and the XTS won my evaluation hands down.

2014 Cadillac XTS

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