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NEVER AGAIN will I be buying a BMW

stiegerplumbing 2019-08-06 15:40:11

I have a Lexus 2011 LS 460 L AWD and a 2014 BMW 750li XDrive The BMW engine needs to be looked at for possible oil problems ( I was told this by a 3rd party) The BMW with run flat tires are terrible and very expensive to replace and if you love hearing radio noises you will adore the BMW As far as dependability, comfort, cost of owning and holdings it value the Beamer cannot compare to the Lexus . The Handling of the Lexus LS 460 in sport mode handles the tightest turns without any body sway. The rear seats in the BMW are terrible when compared to the LS 460 . If I want to know what services were performed on my BMW I have to contact a dealer . The Lexus is on the internet and tells me EVERYTHING that was done from the day it was purchased Ask BMW how much they want to change the cabin filters and then ask Lexus . Ask BMW how often you should change the oil then hold on when you ask how much... If I did not own Lexus cars I would not have known how bad the BMW is as I have something to compare the "Flagship " of both cars

2014 BMW 750

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