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2013 BMW E93 M3

Deputy 2019-09-10 12:30:44

Let me start off this review with one word... OMG!!!! Ok, so maybe it's not a word but rather an acronym. This is the second E93 M3 I've owned. The first one was a 2010 E93 M3 that I had for just shy of 4 months before sliding off the road and totaling her. Before I get bashed for not knowing how to drive... I have my SCCA racing license and have been through a number of EVOC defense training courses. I digress, This car loves to be revved at over 6000 RPMs almost all the time (Redlines at 8400rpms). Even though this car is slightly on the larger side it handles like it's on rails. This M3 is fully loaded and is equipped with the 7-speed DCT transmission and EDC suspension. At 414 (not in M-mode) and 425 (in M-mode), this car is a beast. Is it a drag car, not by any means. The lack of torque (295lbs) makes sure of that! But to be very honest, you really don't feel the torque missing on your daily commute. But boy does that motor sound sweet! There is something to be said about a high revving V8. This was the last year of BMW putting in an NA motor in the M3. This car is so well balanced that even if you aren't the best driver in the world this car helps that! But be forewarned, however, if you chose to turn off this beast's traction control she can and might get away from you if you're not an experienced driver! If you buy a BMW E90, E92, or E93 M3 you will have a smile on your face every time you get in or out of this car, oh and a little less money since this car loves to EAT gas and that's 91 Octane gas not the cheap stuff like 87. But I guess if you have an M3 you can afford to feed it the good stuff anyway! I've had zero mechanical issues since I've owned either M3, also don't daily drive her. One thing to keep in mind is that on the Pre-2011 M3's they were known for rod bearing failure. I've personally never experienced that but I did look into the cost to replace them and it costs about $3000 to $5000 to replace the rod bearings on the car. So if you get a car with higher miles I would consider doing them just as a safeguard unless the preivous owner already took care of it. In closing, this car is amazing and a complete joy to drive! I would recommend this car to anyone who loves sports cars and has a passion for performance!

2013 BMW M3

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