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AOL user 2011-09-14 22:50:39

I have the LX w/ the convenience package (GDI 4 cylinder) and 3rd row seat (purchased 20 AUG). I'm 6'2 and have plenty of leg room. I have 2,000 miles, 1,200 of which came on a recent trip from VA to OH. My big concern going is was whether the 4-cylinder GDI would be adequate enough for hilly terrain. For me, it was. In fact, I drove 2 hours to Charlottesburg just to find out for sure before I purchased. The GDI really is a pleasant/distinct middle ground between the regular 4 cyclinder and V6 (I drove them all). A few comments: gas mileage- mostly pleased; in VA, the lights are spread just far enough where you get up to speed and have to stop again...- it seems like the worst conditions for gas mileage... strictly in this env., I get about 18MPG. Driving around Dayton, the env. is little more friendly and I got 21-22. If you're mixing in HWY or interstate you'll be in the low to mid 20's, depending on the env. On my trip to OH, I got 25-26 which includes that higher terrain in W. VA and WV. The best I did on the interstate was 28.6 from Lexington, VA back to Hampton...I was driving 70-77MPH generally. If you're on flatter terrain, I think you could be in the upper 20's but 32 doesn't seem likely. There were a handful of times where the cruise would kick into 4th to maintain the speed on hills... anticipated those coming back.... kick of the cruise, stay in 5th, and sacrifice some speed. In the city there are some holes with the automatic 6 speed but you can take care of this with the shifttronic capability (and I think you do a little better with the MPG also) interior- comfortable- my main complaint is the reclining lever on the side.... its cheap plastic and seems to get caught.... an oversight I think. I didn't like that the MPG feature resets every time you put gas in. Otherwise, the vehicle is what it is- a very nice vehicle for $25K... I wouldn't be willing to pay X2 for whatever "luxury" it lacks. We'll see how it holds up long term. Jason

2012 Kia Sorento

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