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5.0 out of 5

Much better car than it gets credit for.

2011-11-19 22:32:46

I've owned tons of cars thru the years -- luxury cars, sporty cars, muscle cars, SUVs, you name it. I still own a little import 2-seat convertible I use on weekends for fun jaunts and a big American SUV that serves a useful purpose. But, for good, comfortable, quiet, safe and dependable transportation in a car that's easy and predictable to drive you cannot beat my third generation Prius. It's not a sports car, but nobody said it was. Sure, the brakes are a little spongy feeling, but they work great. Sure it doesn't corner like it's on rails. Who ever said cars have to do that? What it does do is provide a safe, comfortable ride with little muss and fuss. Mine is a Pruis Five with the Advanced Technology Package which includes things like bluetooth, self-parking, lane keep assist, collision avoidane, and, my personal favorite, adaptive cruise control. I truly feel that my Prius is a luxury vehicle. I've got safety, comfort, high-tech features, and, over my first 15,000 miles, I'm averaging almost 50 miles per gallon in mixed driving. That's what I call luxury.

2011 Toyota Prius

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