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4.0 out of 5


2012-01-27 09:13:17

Well, it's 10 months and about 10,000 miles later and I still give my KIa Optima SX highest marks. I've had no issues at all. I took it in for one recall, so they could update something in the car's computer and I've had it in for the 7500 mile service. That's it. The gas mileage is as advertised. I rarely use the ECO mode, as I don't like the slowing effect it has on the transmission. However, it's probably more useful in stop and go traffic than on the freeway. I still get stares, inquiries and compliments every time I drive this car. The steering is responsive. I've only driven it in the snow once and with prudent driving, I thought the Nexen tires negotiated the accumulated snow well. I still rarely see this car on the road and I don't understand why. It handles and looks better than its sibling, the Hyundai Sonata, which can be seen everywhere. Oh well, people are prone to following the crowd, as opposed to really researching the wonderfully equiped and reasonably priced Kia Optima.

2011 Kia Optima

Kia Optima

2011-09-05 00:33:26

One of the Best Cars i have ever own... Only had it about 45 days and I LOVE IT. I love the new style and body shape too... So glad i got it when i did.. Thanks Pye Kia OF Dalton Ga ..... I Really Love My Car.......

2011 Kia Optima

transmission/clutch problems with standard shift

2011-06-30 10:49:59

Test drove an Optima at an overly expensive dealership and liked the handling. Dumb me, when I bought the car at another dealership, I didn't bother to test drive it, assuming it would be fine. Nope! Took it back the next day and the salesman couldn't shift it properly, either (into first and second). He insisted it was unfamiliarity with the clutch. Took it to my own mechanic (am on my 3rd generation) who thought it was the transmission linkage and to let it loosen up. He said it DEFINITELY was NOT me, it was the car. A thousand miles later it had improved but was not right. He then thought it might be the fuel relay but won't go further for fear of canceling the warranty. The dealership service insists it's fine. It also chatters in 3rd gear at 40mph when back shifting or when just slowing down. As much as I like the car except for getting into it - a head-breaker and I'm not quite 5' tall, if it doesn't straighten out within the next 1000 miles (am at about 2500) I'm dumping it. On the plus side, it has a great turning radius and terrific handling and pick-up. On the down side, the radio stinks and no fan vent for outside air is a pain. Air-conditioning-only is purely stupid.

2011 Kia Optima

Cheap s.o.b.

2011-06-15 20:44:00

I was a cheap S.O.B. and bought one of these I got what I paid for a junky little car, good luck if you want to take a chance!!

2011 Kia Optima


2011-06-08 09:50:36

I purchased a 2011 Kia Optima SX Turbo on 3/26/11. So far, very good! Total price with tax about 31K. I got this car with all available options. A similiarly equipted Accord or Camry would have cost 6 to 8 thousand dollars more, if you could even get all of the Optima options, which you can't. When I first drove the car on the highway, I did notice a pulling to the left when I let go of the steering wheel. I found and empty lot and backed the car up several times and hit the brakes. Surprisingly, this action eliminated the left pull problem. I get complimentary comments all the time. "What kind of car is that?" At the car wash or inspection station where the workers see thousands of cars, nothing but compliments on this car's looks. The turbo kicks in nicely in highway escape or passing situations without any discernable lag like I had in my VW Eos. The two stage heated seats warm up very quickly. The Infinity sound system is powerful, refined and crystal clear. Others have complained about the Nexus tires and road noise. I haven't had any problems taking curves or in the rain. Sometimes there is more noise if the road surface changes, but nothing annoying. All cockpit contols are logically positioned and intuitive. I'm sorry Kia did away with the heated steering wheel and I ******* had outside mirrors tha folded in and out automatically. Gas mileage so far execeeds expectations. When I maintain 60 to 65mph on highway, it ******* 40mpg. In the city 22-26mpg depending on how bad NYC traffic is that day. I'm not sure how effective the Eco modes is. Overall, the best bag for the buck currently available. I replaced the Kia badging with a unique symbol badge and now people really go nights trying to figure out what kind of car it is. Great warranties and only needs to be serviced at 7500 mile intervals. I'll probably do it at 5000 mile intervals just to be safe. Go to your Kia dealer and check it out.

2011 Kia Optima

awsome car

2011-04-24 16:28:26

Ok heres the deal. Do you want a car with the best warranty 10yrs/100k miles with great looks and unreal features for under 25 thousand. Look no further than the Kia optima EX among the selling points, A panoramic sunroof, heated and cooled front and rear seats, dual climate control, Memory front drivers seat with power passenger front seat Leather of course. proximity key with pushbutton start, When you approach your car at night the lights automativally come on inside. Powerful engine that gets 34 mpg on the highway. 5 years roadside assistance free. The only other comparable is the 2011 Hyundai Sonata limited. I bought one of those too and love both of these fine autos. Go drive one you'll be hooked.

2011 Kia Optima

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