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5.0 out of 5

No regrets...

2011-06-24 01:22:01

Researching new vehicles for several years once we no loger needed a suburban was a challenge. Just could not decide on a car that would give me sporty, fun, safe , spacious and maintenance/problem free for under $30,000. Finally decided on the Fushion and have been delighted beyond expectations ! Only one minor tech prob w/hard drive which was a five minute (free) fix . NO prob's and MPG actually a little better than expected. We do ALOT of hwy driving in "high altitude country" avg about 29 - 30 mpg's - snow & ice handling is excellent. Took it through winding roads over a few passes & to the coast and it handles so well you think it was made for those s turns !

2011 Ford Fusion

Take it from a Renter

2011-03-20 17:01:58

I rent cars quite a bit. I currently am renting a Ford Fusion. Other products I rented were Chrysler products mostly. I also rented Nissan, Kia, and Mitsubishi. I rented other models of Fords, such as Mustangs, and the Focus. I just had to say that I really like the Fusion. Ford has come a long way from the 1960s and 1970s. The Fusion has good pep. I have overdrive and have a 4 mile stretch of freeway to go on my commute, starting from a ramp that curves high up and over the busy street to the interstate. I press overdrive and handily have the power to pass the sleepyheads on the two lane pass. I also think the style of the Fusion makes it look far higher priced than what it is. My own car is a Toyota economy car though. But I recommend the Fusion.

2011 Ford Fusion

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