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This car is Refined but still a beast!

we3brays 2011-05-08 02:07:56

We have had our 2011 Charger R/T 5.7 HEMI for 2 months now. LOVE IT! We had a 2007 Charger R/T and we thought it was great but when we saw the new Toxic Orange, my wife had to have it. It got 27 MPG on a 800 mile road trip and in town it is *********** far. The car is fast. It is so smooth going down the road and the power is there when needed. Had a 2010 Mustang, looked to be loaded, pull up beside me and was gunning it at the light. I just shifted it into manual shift and when the light turned green all I saw was the Mustang in my rearview mirror. Everything about the car so far we love and we are so glad we traded in the 2007. We were not for sure but I am sold 100% now. This car turns heads and it seems to please young and old. If you have not driven the Charger R/T, go today and test drive. You will not be disappointed.

2011 Dodge Charger

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