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2010-12-15 07:17:42

Bought the car after trading in my MB C300. After driving a small car for awhile the bigger 5 Series took a little getting use to. Fuel economy is about what I expected. Not as good as the C300 but on par with a vehicle of its size. Has all the bells and whistles. With the bigger back end the rear view camera is a must if you plan to buy. The navigation, once you figure it out is one of the best I've seen and I have had a number of cars with navigation. The interior is one of the best in the industry. Beats MB, Audi, and Lexus hands down with Lexus running a close second. The redesigned cup holders are a whole lot better than before. The instrument panal is easy to read with everything easy to get to as the driver. You can download cd's onto the car's hard drive and also have the IPod connections as well in which you can do the same. Connecting my IPhone was a breeze do to the partnership they have with Apple. Calls were clear as if you had the phone up to your ear. The sound system sounds is second to none. Although MB has a great Harmon Kordon the system in the this car beats even that system as far as sound and clairity. Over all a great buy for the money. The I Drive is still a little hard to get use to and figure out. I'm pretty good with technology and even I was a little confused at first. After about 20 minutes I was able to get most things down but still had a hard time trying to figure out others. If you are are in the market for the 5 Series, E Class, A6, or the Lexus E350 I would highly recommend the 5 Series. Best bang for the buck. You won't be disappointed.

2011 BMW 528

Review of 2011 BMW 528

2010-10-24 00:04:48

We have had our 2011 528i for three weeks. It is loaded with the newest technlogy, plus it is avery well designed car-both inside and out. We were in the market for a Mercedes, but found the 528 to be better equiped and better priced than a 2010 equivalent model that we had been looking at in the Mercedes. It handles well and has that "sporty" look and feel that we were looking for after having driven Caddilac sedans for years. Test drive one and see for yourself.

2011 BMW 528

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