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Buy one and never look back. Amazing!!!!

2010-09-07 22:56:25

If you can afford to be selfish to get a 2 seater with little trunk space, this ride is a dream. The trunk is virtually useless except for a small duffle and your attache'. Gas mileage is around 15 mpg. There is a small button to the left of the steering column that allows you to turn off the limited slip differential so that the power is unleashed regardless of traction. Think Starsky & Hutch with control. The car is a pleasure and is understated enough that it doesn't scream mid-life crisis. I couldn't see not getting it with a 6 speed stick. I have always driven Japanese since they are generally maintenance free. I am not a car guy and don't care what the underside of my hood looks like. This is a mindless, low maintenance option that pure fun at a reasonable price. And service is manageable since its a Nissan. No regrets except for the 2 tickets I received in the first 2 weeks of ownership. If it won't cause a divorce, and you have another ride for bad weather or passengers/luggage, take the plunge. As I said, its selfish, but not as expensive or selfish as a mistress, and all the fun!

2010 Nissan 370Z

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