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2010 Speed3 Celestial Blue

2010-11-17 14:51:14

Purchased my 2010 late in the season (Aug) in order to take advantage of local dealer overstock in anticipation of the 2011'********* the streets. I assumed (correctly) that there would be no major upgrades to the 2011's over the 2010's and picked up my car shortly thereafter. It was a toss up between the speed3 and the wrx sti and the speed3 won out hands down. I just didn't feel that the addition of all-wheel drive was worth the nearly 7K increase in purchase price of the WRX. Contrary to professional reviews, I kind of enjoy the torque-steer at WOT. When the turbo kicks in the car has a bit of a wild, out of control edge. Basically, you have to know how to drive the car in inclement weather or you'll have problems quickly. The interior is worlds ahead of the WRX but it does have a few nagging problems. 1- no dimmer. You get daytime and night time lights. If you run your lights on during the daytime (i.e. when it rains, you can't see the dispalys) and the navi screen is way too bright at night. At least give me the option to turn it off. 2-The Gauge bezels are cheap plastic and only moderately attached to said gauges. Two months (3?) of ownership and I'm getting an annoying rattle in the dash that I can't find. 3- The navi system is just crap. I use the TomTom system and hardly ever use the onboard for destinations. 4- This one is the biggest. As much as I love this car, the dealer system and Mazda's support of the vehicle are awful. Rather than embrace owners of the speed3, it seems as though Mazda has taken the tact of treating us like errant children. There are no special perks for owning the model. you don't get customer loyalty point in a speed3 (you do in a regular 3), and they don't offer any speed3 specfic upgrades. I can't even get speed3 winter floormats. Would I purchase this car again knowing all of this? Absolutely. It's a blast to drive, gets looks everywhere, and is decent on gas (avg 29.9 for me).

2010 Mazda MazdaSPEED3

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