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Mine was in terrible condition but a blast to drive.

Alex 2020-01-08 22:04:52

I purchased a three owner 2010 Mini JCW in November of last year for $4500, so going in I knew some things would be wrong with it, but the level of problems weren't even found in the inspection. It started with $2500 in repairs for oil leaks in the engine. Almost every gasket was failing and pouring out oil. Next the clutch quite literally exploded while on the off-ramp of a highway, the force of which destroyed the flywheel. I baby the car and no actions on my part caused this to occur. This was an additional $3000 repair, bringing me dangerously close to going over the value of the car in a few months. This is not Mini's fault, the previous owners of the Mini (probably the most recent) had treated the car like trash and had barely kept up with the needs of the vehicle. Over all, its a great car to drive if you have the cash to fix it up and keep it running. The steering is immediate, the shifting is satisfying when the parts are in good condition, the throttle is decently reactive as well. The fuel economy helps out with the cost somewhat, but it still needs premium. If you can find one in great condition at a decent price, I fully recommend it over the S version (had one for 15 days, was hit at a red light by and unlicensed driver, this car was replacing it) due to the additions like the DSC system and the upgraded brakes. Just be sure your car is fit for the road before going ahead with the deal.

2010 MINI John Cooper Works

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