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4.5 out of 5

My bu** hurts

2011-09-06 17:25:31

I know the TSX is a sports sedan, but the ride is still too stiff and choppy. I test drove it on mostly smooth highways(my bad). On neighborhood streets that are a little bumpy, the ride is horrible. Also-too much road noise for a luxury brand. I've had a knocking noise emanating from the right rear-the Honda empire cannot figure it ********* worse it hot weather. Otherwise the car is ok I guess. I wouldn't recommend it though-there are better choices.

2010 Acura TSX

Review of 2010 Acura TSX

2010-12-31 08:43:03

Purchased a 2005 TSX, which i thought was the best car i ever owned until i bought a 2010 TSX 6mos ago, even better!!! 5 and 1/2 years of driving these vehicles...never had a problem. Just do the routine maintenance and you can't go wrong.

2010 Acura TSX

I love this car!!

2010-06-09 19:48:42

I've had it two weeks and am still on the original tank of gas!! Much better than the 8 cyl. Buick I previously had. This one is a great car for the price -- it has everything you could want standard (sunroof, dual climate controls, heated leather seats, etc.). It's fun to drive. The 4 cyl. engine has plenty of pep. My only complaint is the ride -- it's rough(but then I was used to a very heavy car). The leather seats are very comfortable. There is plenty of room. The car is a great size. I can't say enough -- I really love it. And the dealership was great -- I was very impressed with the dealership and the Acura product. I would highly recommend you look at these cars -- I know I was very impressed.

2010 Acura TSX

2010 TSX Tech Pkg.

2010-03-17 18:03:11

Purchased two months ago, got terrific no money down lease. Absolutely love the car, great drive, decent power from the 4 Cylinder, confortabe, quiet, with great sound system. Previous car 2007 Camry XLE, which had more room in rear but nowhere near as nice to drive. Previously have owned Lexus ES330, Audi A4, two Infinity G20, and two Maxima's. Would say to date enjoy this car the most.

2010 Acura TSX

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