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4.5 out of 5

2009 Jetta TDI with DSG.

2012-01-25 13:28:28

I fell in love with this car the first time I drove it. Now, after 60,000 miles over almost 3 years, I still love the car. Yes the car can be a little more expensive to maintain but choosing the right the dealer makes the difference. Some dealers charge more, almost twice the price for the same service I've found. Shop around, if you can or find an independent garage that works on VW's Diving through the mountains of W. Virginia on I-90, and east of Morgantown W Virginia on I-68 is pure pleasure. The turbo diesel never slows down climbing up the 4 to 5 mile long upgrades. Set the cruise control at 70 mph and forget it. The 236 ft/lbs of torque make you think you've got a V-6. And there is still power left if you need it. The VW never struggles. My 2003 Honda accord with a 5 spd manual, could not hold speed up those mountains because it didn't have the torque. I had to shift to 4th gear. Yes, the honda had more horsepower (165 HP) but lacked the torque (only about 160 ft/lbs.). We also drove the car cross country for 1 month to visit your national parks. New York to Arizona. Going up the road to the top of Masa Verdi was no problem. The DSG Transmission is fun to drive in automatic or manual mode. Coming down again was just as much fun when you used the Sport (S) position on the DSG. It holds the car back by using the engine's torque but can give an instant burst of speed when needed. Look, you get what you pay for. My wife has a 2006 Honda Civic EX with Auto and it is a great car, but the jetta TDI is quieter, gets better fuel milage, is roomier, and more comfortable to drive because the VW sits you higher for a better driving position. She wants a TDI when we give the honda to my son in a few years.

2009 Volkswagen Jetta

Buyer Beware

2010-10-06 01:39:37

Before you sink your money into a VW, do some serious research into other people's experiences with these cars. Google VW reliability and you will see the serious problems VW has with reliability and overall quality. The dealerships also have a terrible reputation for service. They are fun cars to drive but that's where the fun part ends. As the previous owner of 2 VWs, I can tell you I would buy a 10 year old Japanese car before I'd buy a brand new VW.

2009 Volkswagen Jetta

Woof-Woof it is a Wolfie!

2009-10-24 11:18:22

A great car - extremely well made and after 13,000 miles totally reliable. Oil changes cost a little more, but that is because VW use synthetic oils. Performance is superb and the car is well equipped, although I would prefer cloth to leatherette. The trunk is huge! Safety features are the best in its class, far better than anything from Toyota/Honda - an often overlooked aspect that should be the #1 decision maker. All round a great car with the world's best 4-cylinder turbo engine End european feel and handling. Has no competition for the price!

2009 Volkswagen Jetta

09 TDI Jetta Sedan

2009-10-18 22:13:44

Positive: -turning radius is very tight and very user friendly -awesome power -awesome transmission (auto)w/ verrrry quick, solid shifting -handling is good Negative: this is seriously a problem for this car...it has severe lag coming off of a dead start. very serious problem because it hesitates for a split second. Crossing a highway has scared me a couple of times and I don't like it. Dealer acknowledges the issue as a known issue. Traded an '05 TDI Jetta for this one and it had no lag or hesitation whatsoever. I'm told by the chip programmers that the lag is to protect the transmission from the torque of the diesel (this make sense, but....) Ultimately, an ecm program change will make this car run like a champ. But the potential for transmission damage remains and would be a real deal breaker if encountered outside of warranty. Other than the lag problem, this car is an exceptionally solid machine with nice finish and interior touches.

2009 Volkswagen Jetta

TDI - amazing

2009-07-07 22:14:43

This car is the real deal. I test drove a 2010 mazda 3 which was great and then a 2010 toyota prius (tissue box on wheels). Then I drove the jetta TDI and fell in love. I drive all day long so fuel economy was a must. I'm avg 40 miles a gallon with combined driving and I only have 600 miles on the vehicle. This car is quick in traffic and fast off the line when merging. Diesel fuel is currently the same as regular so run to your VW dealer now. NAVI is also very nice and the trunk is HUGE!

2009 Volkswagen Jetta

Review of 2009 Volkswagen Jetta

2009-06-27 10:05:46

Jetta TDI wagen. All the brilliant attributes apply. Economy as promised. Handling quality and most details as promised. Bad things:- 1/Poor storage space[cubbies, sunspecs spot etc] around driver compared to most other 2009 vehicles in class. 2/Center console has hard ridge that digs into the drivers knees-- very annoying. 3/Cheap seat adjustment. 4/Concidering the fancy radio and sat nav, there should be controls on the steering wheel-- same for the cruise control 5/Lights are always on-- no option to be able to turn mains off and display just sides. 6/DONT ever drive over 30 mph with either one or both rear windows down. It will shake the car to a load of nuts, bolts and various other sundry car parts on the highway.The vibration is accute. Then again there is the 45mpg. Answer-- leave the rear windows up! bit stupid but---

2009 Volkswagen Jetta

Review of 2009 Volkswagen Jetta

2009-06-25 22:50:13

VW Diesels have been around forever. The technology has been proven but most of all it's clean now. The life span on a diesel is long lasting. The low power, stink, loud sounds and blue smoke is nothing but a myth now. Carefree maintenance "that sounds good". 140hp, 236lbs of torque and loads of standard equipment makes this a no brainer. A hybrid cannot perform close to this vehicle. Holds world record across the 48 states at 58.82 mpg. DSG transmission, try it out it will impress. Oh did I mention 600 miles between fill ups? This even has a 5 star crash test safety rating! VW's are rated top picks by the institute of highway safety! VW resale value is great!

2009 Volkswagen Jetta

2009 Jetta TDI

2009-06-16 23:58:04

I have a Lexus, BMW and Lincoln in my driveway....all great cars but I needed a high gas mileage car for regular, long commutes. Picked up my TDI last Friday. First shot out of the gate was 48.6mpg down the highway. Just finished a 300+ mile run today at 41.6mpg while maintaining 70-75 mph...still less than 1000 miles on the odometer. I like image, but I like substance. This car is an absolute delight. Roomy, powerful for its size, comfortably and attractively appointed. Solid, firm touch and reasonably quiet. None of the usual buyer's remorse here. If the car remains reliable and serviceable I will be an affirmed repeat customer.

2009 Volkswagen Jetta

wow jetta se is one great car for the money drive it for your self

2009-05-21 22:29:16

wow i'm picking up my 2009 jetta se dark gray with tinted windows.. saturday 5/22/09 wow when i test drove it i was impressed plenty of power, i came out of a sliverado 1500 v8... and was impressed with the handeling and the way the car shifted 5 speed mannal its fool proof.. and it's a pleasure to drive a stick again well worth the price...sharp car for the money handel great buitl well.. go and test drive for your self and see you will be sold on the car...

2009 Volkswagen Jetta

Two in a row

2009-04-18 07:18:45

We traded a gas guzzler for an '03 TDI when my wife started school. The car has been perfect the entire time. The only thing ever done to the car was oil and filter changes, tires and brakes.(125,000 miles) After graduation we purchased an '09 TDI. LOVE IT! I, in the mean time took over the 03 for a work vehicle and parked the Dodge diesel beside the house. BTW, I am 6'6" and quite comfortable back and forth to work. Would I recomend one to my best friend or anyone else,,,,,,I just did.

2009 Volkswagen Jetta

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