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4.5 out of 5

Total CrapMobile

2009-12-01 21:18:05

The Prius is a total pile of crap. I bought one new this year and have had nothing but problems with it. I had problems with the onboard computer that regulates the fuel flow. Several visits to the dealer later, they told me that the 19miles/gallon was the best I could hope for. Also had problems with carpet that came loose on the driver's side and a passenger side window that slipped the track and fell into the door after a month. Fu*k it. I have it up for sale...

2009 Toyota Prius

Better Mileage Than Expected

2009-08-11 22:47:21

The Prius is only estimated to get 45mpg on the highway and 48 in the city. I take a combined route that's 27miles and half/half city and highway. I routinely get 56mpg when I don't run the A/C. The styling of the car is such that if you have the window open even during a 100F day, the wind that whips in cools the entire car like the airconditioner. I'm really impressed! On small streets the electric engine kicks on a lot and on the highway, the gas engine gets good mileage. It also recharges the battery and uses no gas while braking or slowing down so take it easy on stopping and leave yourself lots of room ahead of you to boost mileage a bit. I highly recommend the car. It's worth the extra $5k (compared to similiar sized and featured traditional gas cars).

2009 Toyota Prius

Review of 2009 Toyota Prius

2009-07-12 12:05:35

After 20+ years of Subarus (wagon, impreza, forester), and 20-24 mpg mileage, I made the switch to a Prius. I'll never own anything else again! I can consistently go 500 miles on one tank of gas, and have reduced my trips to the gas station by two thirds, despite increasing the mileage in my current job. The engine is so quiet, and the ride so smooth compared to prior cars. Even the wheels are completely different than what I am used to and absorb the bumps on the road far better. The Prius I bought was expensive, as it came fully loaded (in order to get the leather seats) but it was worth it. I love the rear window camera, the built in GPS system, and the ability to monitor fuel efficiency as you drive. i think it has even impacted my road rage tendencies! Its constant feedback re how much fuel is being saved by avoiding gunning the engine or speeding helps keep me in check.

2009 Toyota Prius

Toyota hybrid

2009-06-10 11:23:32

I love my Prius,this is one of the best cars I owned yet and I owned plenty of good cars. But to my surprise this car is very spacious. When the car is running you wont hear it because it is not using the engine,its powered by battery. the battery gets charged with the gas when needed. I love my car, $18. this month in gas.

2009 Toyota Prius

By Far The Easy (and best) Choice

2009-05-27 02:39:53

I'm very careful with major purchases. I had a 20-year-old Honda Accord that was running just fine, but I realized that NOW was the time: Car prices are low due to the economy, state and federal tax deductions are available when purchasing a hybrid, and Toyota is highly motivated to sell all the 2009s before the 2010s arrive in July. I also tested three Hondas--Insight, Civic Hybrid, and Fit--and there was no comparison. The Prius has the interior of a luxury car, the exterior of a trendy sedan, the gas mileage of a moped, and plenty of acceleration. In every aspect, the Prius outperformed the Hondas, and yet had the better price and financing (0%). Special perks include the SmartKey system, which allows you to unlock, lock, and operate your vehicle with the electronic key in your pocket, a great sound system, and far more storage/moving capability than the Insight or Civic Hybrid. (The Hondas have batteries behind the back seat so you can't lower the seats for storage.) Now, I'm regularly getting 55-60 MPG. With the financing and tax deductions, I'm paying less for the New Prius than I did for my 3-year-old Honda with 47,000 miles in 1993 in inflation-adjusted dollars! This was a deal I couldn't possibly refuse on a car I can't believe I own.

2009 Toyota Prius

I gotta Love this car

2009-04-19 22:11:16

The bought this car back in 2005, mostly because it was a neat new gadget and no one else had one. The first thing I loved about it was the room. I can stretch my legs and I never bump my head on the ceiling. I ride bikes as well, and I can load two full size bikes in back along with assorted bike gear. Wonderful! The car also gets excellent gas milage. I have over 70,000 miles on it and I always get around 50 mpg. I have travelled a fair amount in the last few years and rented a number of cars. None have measured up to the room and smooth drive.

2009 Toyota Prius

Satisfied but have some problem areas

2009-04-15 18:15:40

I bought my 2009 Prius in March. I took a 2,000 trip in it and got about 48 MPG. If I'm listening to a book on tape, I am unable to rewind without going to the beginning of the chapter. I'm very disatisfied that there isn't an indoor temp. Makes it difficult to set the comfort temp for the inside. Why not?? When I wear sunglasses, the dash guages just simply disappear. I miss my Corolla's trunk. The owners manual deserves a D+. Why can't the dealer let you know which pages don't apply to your car? Its too confusing because there are just too many options and you really don't know which ones you got. This includes the extra packages. I think I have one because my seats have the pockets in the back of them. Why can't my headrest pitch forward? Also, my dealer told me that he was comparing my bank's interest rate to Toyota's rate and Toyota was just a little better so I went with Toyota's financing. I found out that the 8+ rate Toytoa gave me didn't really compare to the 4/5% my bank offered me when I talked to them the next day. That's why car dealerships have such a bad reputation, like lawyers. So, I'm satisfied with the car but not the dealership nor the financing office at the dealership. Also the small things I've listed here are irritants. Also, my 2004 Camry has a compass and indoor temp in the mirror. Since my mirror has electric connection for the lights, why couldn't they do this for the Prius? Given the day to do over again, I wouldn't buy the car from my dealership and I'd think about waiting for the 2010 model since it has more options, including a solar roof unit. Oh, why doesn't the tray in the console move?

2009 Toyota Prius

what a wonderful car

2009-03-21 13:17:53

i just got a 2009 5 package loaded with leather nav xm radio etc. i know the gas millage is the key to everyone wanting it. but the fantastic drive and performance is the most astonishing perk to the car , it is fun to drive hugs the road like a European drive i love the way the dashboard info is back away so you never have to look away or down on speed , and every thing else . yes it does not come with power seats but i don,t feel it is a mistake or deprived at all, everything else makes you over look the seat issue. i also found out that some people are putting after market sunroofs in( cant get stock sun roof yet). however there is so much glass windows you don,t feel you miss it( i would only use it for open airy feel without opening anyhow ) what are great ride. tjbsb

2009 Toyota Prius

LOVE this car!!

2009-03-01 15:03:16

I bought my Prius 2 months ago and have put 4000+ miles on ********* very comfortable, extremely quiet, very easy and fun to drive. With a mix of city/freeway driving, I get 46-54 mpg. The best I've gotten was on a very flat freeway in Phoenix, traffic moving consistently about 65 mph, and, on a 39 mile trip, I got 61.6 mpg! To maximize mpg, you have to take advantage of the way the car coasts - smoothly without decelerating quickly. Regarding the comfort and features, I suppose a new owner's opinion might be influenced by their previous car. If you go from a Mercedes to a Prius, you might well find fault. My previous car was a Honda Civic with a 5 speed. I've rented many compact cars with automatic transmissions that I wouldn't own because of the way they shifted. However, the Prius is great! I didn't think I would like the hatchback but, in fact, find it really convenient.

2009 Toyota Prius

2009 Prius gets mixed reviews

2009-02-25 22:14:35

NOTE: The Prius operates by pushing a POWER button on the dashboard. Today I got in and pushed the button. Everything lit up, and I started to drive when I realized I hadn't put my keys in the ignition!!!! It just goes without the keys! Keep your doors locked. What I love about my new Prius: .It has a knob instead of a gear shift. With my arthritis, it was getting harder to squeeze. The knob on the dash just springs into gear when touched. It's great. .I get 38-42 mpg! .It has a sleek-looking long, thin, lit-up dashboard. .The backup camera is awesome, if not totally necessary. .The seats slide manually. I'm 5 feet tall and move the seat far forward to drive, and far back to get out. Power seats are sooooo slow, but the Prius doesn't come with them! .It doesn't get plugged in!!! The battery is charged by the engine as you drive. The CONS: .The dashboard reflects in the windshield badly when the sun is in the 11:am to 1:pm. My dashboard is black. I understand the gray ones don't reflect as badly. It's a design flaw that is a driving hazard. .I'm blinded by he sun in the driver's side window. I learned after buying the car that in my new state window tinting is illegal. Ouch. .To drive comfortably, I move far forward so my feet touch the pedals, but I have to lean the chair back and that makes it hard to touch the screen. Alot is done on the screen...climate control, audio, gps, etc. I've had to learn to work the "tv" screen and cope with with reflections in the windshield. ********************* to be the best priced hybrid. I didn't look at the Honda Civic which claims 37 mpg. I wish I were driving a car instead of something that's more like a van, but I wouldn't give up the knob gearshift for anything!

2009 Toyota Prius

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