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4.5 out of 5

Ahhhh Yes! SoCal land of fruits n' nuts most of whom never DROVE a Smartcar

AAnkus 2008-11-29 08:29:17

I cant help but chuckle reading 'Jean's' review of a vehicle she/he never drove.... most true reviews indicated that this vehicle is stable on the hiway. In Europe where semis are actually bigger and have much faster speed limits this little 'eggshell' performed admirably. Could 'jean' be a Toyota salesman in disguise ???? Oh and BTW Toyota is coming out with a 'copy' of the Smart....'replication is the sincerest form of admiration'....

2008 Smart Fortwo

Review of 2008 Smart Fortwo

Jeanmapelle 2008-11-26 02:50:15

As someone who drives all over southern California, I firmly believe this car is a lawsuit waiting to happen. I resent having to share the road with it. Here's 2 reasons why: 1)SoCal is home to the fury of the Santa Ana winds anytime between September and January. This means 2 hands on the wheel in my little Scion when driving the freeways below canyons and passes. Sorry, if a 40mph gust can nearly send me lane-drifting, I can only imagine how it must feel in a glorified grocery cart like a Smartcar. 2)If, after checking my blindspot, I still don't see a motorcycle, the bike is nimble and manageable enough for the biker to move away from my encroaching vehicle or go between cars. Not so with the Smartcar. It's hard to see and, I doubt, has the horses to ********** out of a sticky situation. By the way, remember when the government was mandating bumpers that could withstand minor parking lot accidents back in the 70's? Remember when the '76 Eldorado was the "last" convertible? All in the name of safety? And the government is allowing this Smartcar on the freeways of our nation? I'm all for driving green, but not at the expense of driving a portable casket. So, here's my solution. Restrict these cars to trolling golf greens or, at most, village, county, or city roads. NEVER ON SUPERHIGHWAYS!!!! Wandering onto the 15 freeway should be punishable by fine--(or quarantine to the far right lane by a wall of semi's from Barstow to San Diego.)

2008 Smart Fortwo

Smart for none

NcFrrst 2008-11-25 20:27:14

Saw a ton of these gorgeous little urban commuters in Paris, Amsterdam and Munich last year. But America is not Europe and drivers will squash this little bug over here. The big SUV im in a rush outta my way mentality will get you killed in this oversized tennis shoe. Yes it has great impact protection for its siza but this car is a marketing dream for the states not a realistic everyday safe driving one on the US highways. This one is a pass.

2008 Smart Fortwo

Fun to drive

jwoods1204 2008-11-23 15:35:25

Love the car. Gave away my Prius to buy it - Japan is killing Whales so can no longer drive a car they make - the gas milage of the Smart is not as good as the Prius, miss the Prius push button start and the car door unlocking when I approach but it is way more fun to drive. No problem on the highway - handles well. I feel the bumps more - not a soft ride but way more fun than any other car I tried.

2008 Smart Fortwo

Mis-named- shoud be called STUPID-EST car-

AOL user 2008-11-23 15:16:35

Sorry- but this car is the most dangerous car on the road. Not because of the car itself but because ALL other drivers cannot see you until it is just about too late... Also- Picture this- sitting at a light, my head and neck are on par with the headlights and bumpers of all regular cars and [gulp] tires of SUV's. Not to mention, the car behind me is giving off soo heat from their engine that i can feel it inside my the car!!! Too many close calls from other drivers to EVER allow my children to ride in it. This car is PARKED until the lease is up. Saving money on gas is not worth the risks involved with this too good to be true car... My suggestion: Only buy it for somone you hate, because they will surly die in it.... FAST!

2008 Smart Fortwo

Review of 2008 Smart Fortwo

DeaconPark 2008-11-21 20:12:35

Have had my smart since january 2008. Have over 12000 miles on it and just ******* would last forever. It is fun, yes it sometimes gets buffeted by trucks, but then so did my motorcycle and this vehicle has more safety. The car is nice and roomy inside although it is small outside. It makes me smile every time I drive it.

2008 Smart Fortwo

Love this car

txmrlevine 2008-11-07 14:09:43

I have about 1500 miles on the car in the first month. It is stable on the highway and does not get "blown off the road" like others have voiced there opinion. Have had the car up to 80 mph no problem. It is a little bumpy ride but what do you expect, Corners and handles like a go-cart on steroids. It is very peppy for only having 80 hp or so. Paddle shifting or manual shiffting using stick is fun but if you want best MPG stick with full drive position. I am 6'2" 240 - plenty of room. Probably looks a little funny seeing me and my 6'5 buddy getting out of it but it is comfortable for both occupants. I have been in his minivan and there is more room in the smart for Driver and passenger. It is my 3rd car in the stable used mainly for me commuting to work and back. I get 40+ mpg every tank. Maybe a little noisy from the muffler putting along at rest.

2008 smart fortwo

little orphan annie

SteveANeal 2008-11-06 22:41:25

Only 20 days after I placed my $99 order, we got an orphan (refused by ordering person and returned to the dealer) in Sept. 08. She's red so we call her Annie. I only wish she had a cruise control. We still have one on order and look forward to getting it in late 09 or early '10. Fun to drive and I'm 6'4" and 260 and fit in ok.

2008 Smart Fortwo

"ITSACAR" Red Smart Passion

AOL user 2008-11-01 12:29:45

I finally received my Smart car in June, and now have almost 8,000 miles on it. I live way in on the backside of a mountain in NH.... on a dirt road no less..... and this little thing is peppy, and has absolutely no problem with the hilly terrain. I commute about 400 miles per week in it, and am averaging about 44 mpg.... no complaints!!! I have never owned a vehicle that I enjoy driving more. Plenty of room in the interior, comfortable, hugs the road... It is a perfect commuter car.... no matter where you live.... and it's inexpensive initial cost coupled with the great gas mileage spares my pocketbook. Highly recommended!

2008 Smart Fortwo

Poor choice for anything but in city commuting

AOL user 2008-10-25 12:52:29

Got our Smart on July 2008. What everybody says about getting looks and attention is true, if you want to be noticed this is the car for you. Great in city commuter, horrible anywhere else. On the highway it is dangerously slow to merge, does not feel stable at anything over 65 MPH, and it is just not fun fighting the wheel everytime a 16 wheeler goes by and almost blows you of the road. Short and narrow wheelbase, plus the exagerated height for such a small and narrow wheelbase makes it feel like its going to fall on its side at anytime. Most annoying transmission EVER. Seems everytime the vehicle is going to shift it turns the engine off, and then it turns it on after it shifts. DRIVE ONE ON THE HIGHWAY BEFORE YOU BUY! Unless you will never see a highway DO NOT CONSIDER THIS CAR! Did I mention it is slow, like very, very, very slow. I mean it so slow my grandmas electric wheelchair is faster to 20MPH. If you want fast avoid! At least it is very confortable and as an in city commuter which will NEVER see a highway it is fine. If I were to do this gain a Honda Fit or a Toyota Yaris would be MUCH better choices, at least they have a back seat and are much better at highway speeds. The only thing this car has really going for it is that it is really cute.

2008 smart fortwo

2 / 6

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