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4.5 out of 5

Review of 2008 Volkswagen Rabbit

2010-06-04 15:36:50


2008 Volkswagen Rabbit

Great Car

2008-09-14 22:19:29

This is my 3rd Rabbit.my first was a 75. The 2008 is the best VW I have every driven. I have the Cold Weather package and it gives me heated Seats and Mirrors..Very nice in Ohio. Our other car is a Honda and the Rabbit has so much more torque, I never have to downshift. I also like the audio input that I can plug my Garmin into and listen to the MP3s. I also got the optional Alloy wheels, they look great for only $400 more. The only thing I wish I would have gotten with the car is the Monster Mats..I bought them afterwords..they are great. The 170 hp and the 177 ft torque sold me..this car is So much fun to drive.

2008 Volkswagen Rabbit

I love my rabbit!

2008-09-01 10:46:22

The rabbit is the best. I had gotten a truck first because I loved trucks, but I couldn't afford the gas so I traded it on a rabbit, and I'm glad I did. I never imagined I'd like to drive such a small car, but I do & I love it more than any truck. The seats are comfortable, handles well, excellent quality, good mileage, the backseat is surprisingly comfortable & spacious despite how small it looks. I also love how the dash lights up orange at night. If your considering a rabbit, don't think about it, buy it. VW continues to impress me - not only with the quality of the car, but my experince at the dealership. It was a one day only affair, I got a great deal and everyone at the dealer was very helpful. Also, a month after I got the car, VW sent me a free rabbit t-************ really soft & comfy. There's a good reason that VW is currently the most popular automaker - they make excellent cars & run their dealerships well.

2008 Volkswagen Rabbit

2008 2 Door Rabbit

2008-08-23 12:20:27

I have owned about 10 VW's over the years and this Rabbit is among the best I have owned. I got it to replace a Passat that was totalled and am more than just hapy with it. I drive in the Atlanta GA environment and get 22-25 MPG in city driving and on tripos of 700-1500 miles I have gotten 32-33 MPG. I can't complain. It's fun to drive, economical and comfortable.

2008 Volkswagen Rabbit


2008-08-23 09:22:22

2008 Volkswagen Rabbit

Review of 2008 Volkswagen Rabbit

2008-08-21 02:25:03

2008 Volkswagen Rabbit

Hidden costs

2008-07-26 08:47:57

My daughter is trading in her VW Jetta today. When you buy a VW, they don't tell you about the "security key" except as a theft prevention tool. If your car has an electrical or battery problem or any other catastrophic failure, it will not start, even after it is repaired. The security key must be reset at a cost of $125 to $250. You cannot have repairs done in any other repair shop other than a VW dealer, or they won't be able to do this. We have had multiple problems, especially electrical and the dealers repair shops are not honest or reliable. After spending $1400 in the last week, (they wanted another $450 to make the same repairs we made to it last year, which we refused to pay) we are trading it in because we can no longer afford the cost of keeping it running. We will be upside down in the loan at trade-in, ******* worth it to us to not have to deal with this car anymore. "Drivers wanted"? I agree with one of the many web sites dedicated to hating these cars, its more like "Suckers Wanted". Don't buy one.

2008 Volkswagen Rabbit


2008-06-07 04:47:00

2008 Volkswagen Rabbit

No complaints

2008-03-27 01:25:56

I have the one pictured above. So far, no complaints. Have to be careful not to bang the door as there is no area to accommpdate a piece of protective rubber....but all in all...nice.

2008 Volkswagen Rabbit

V-Dub Love

2008-03-25 12:08:48

Absolutly lovelove this car!

2008 Volkswagen Rabbit

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