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4.5 out of 5

Who knew a volkswagon could be so much fun to drive..

2009-03-19 14:39:09

I have a 6sp 2008 GTI. I love the (Sat)radio along w/ the MP3 hookup. The steering handles great! Fuel wise it's ok it could be a little better desipte the turbo engine. The racing seat are comfortable as well as cool looking. The car is quick and shifts into gear very easily. I not a fan of the day time run lights. When comes to road noise the GTI gets a failing grade on this one. The instrument panel is easy to read & helpful w/how gas is left in the tank, the compass is always displayed, & controlling the radio functions from the steering wheel. The warning light from the tire pressure can be alittle annoying because it doesn't indicate which tires needs air. The warning light will stay on until the right amount of air pressure is added into the correct tire. The glove compartment could be somewhat larger as well. Over all im satisfied with the purcahase of the GTI.

2008 Volkswagen GTI

Whabbit GTI

2008-12-24 15:51:13

Just gave my 2008 Whabbit 2.5 4 doors with 55,000 trouble free miles to my daughter (she totaled her car), I needed a replacement, so I picked a new 2008 GTI . If only for the engine differences,(5 cylinder versus 4 turbo), both cars are identical in handling and braking, both perform way above average , in par with high end other german cars. i also own a 911 Porsche , a Z3 M coupe and my wife has a Z3 convertible. The Whabbit is an excellent commuter car , hold its own in the twisties and cheap to maintain. Not as fun as the M coupe but not far behind!

2008 Volkswagen GTI

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