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4.5 out of 5

2008 MKZ

2016-01-10 18:26:14

I needed to replace my old car with 220000 miles on it, a 2003 Ford Taurus. I knew exactly what features I wanted on my next car and I was not settling for anything less or I would not buy. The priority list included sun roof, heated and cooled seats, power driver and passenger seats, blue tooth connectivity, 60 40 split rear seat, leather, tilt and telescope adjustable steering wheel, puddle lights on the outside mirrors, (had these on my old Taurus and they are great at night), head rests front and rear, side and front air bags, v-6 engine. That's it, The MKX came along and I drove it. Has 65000 miles on it, has all wheel drive too. Very quite interior, feels heavy and solid. The best part is it looks like a real car compared to all those econobox jelly bean cars on the road. I took a trip from Atlanta to Tampa bay with my wife and 2 teenage girls. I factored the load to be including people and luggage at 1100 pounds. Got 26 mph and little to know suspension sag. Awsome car love it. Not sure what I will do with a AWD car in the south ******* nice to know its there. I recommend this car

2008 Lincoln MKZ

Review of 2008 Lincoln MKZ

2009-01-23 12:54:29

2008 Lincoln MKZ

Quiet and Comfortable with Power

2008-12-20 17:28:44

I traded a Mercury Marauder for the MKZ and thought I would really miss having power under the hood. I was wrong it is quite peppy. I test drove the Mercury Milan and wasn't quite satisfied. When I got behind the wheel of the MKZ I was suprised. The seats were very comfortable and the car was very quiet. I have trouble hearing others talk and the radio unless I blast it in most cars because of background noises. Not in this car and it's fun to drive. I've had it for 4 months and taken one extended trip averaging 26.7 highway, and 17.8 city. The price was great and the car is great.

2008 Lincoln MKZ

2008 MKZ Review

2008-08-30 09:56:12

I have owned this car only 2 months and love it. I have owned at least 6 cadillacs prior and decided to try the MKZ. So far it is great. Took a trip (300 miles) and got 34 miles per gallon on I95 North. Far better than my previous 2003 Cadillac SLS. Love the lines, features, comfort, handling and everything else about it and the price. Got just about all the luxury features the cadillac has, except On Star, at a far superior price. In my opionion cadillac owners should take a serious look at it.

2008 Lincoln MKZ

New Lincoln MKZ

2008-08-07 14:31:56

We just bought our Lincoln 7/20 and took it on a trip (500 miles) last week. Very comfortable ride and I love the Sync system and the Sirius radio. It replaced a Mazda, but we also have had a Lexus ES300, an Infiniti J30 and a Volvo wagon. This is the first American car I've driven in a while. I reall like it so far; very luxurious ride and feel.

2008 Lincoln MKZ

People stare at my Lincoln and then compliment it.

2008-05-12 08:03:23

Great car with all the goodies. Fun driving.

2008 Lincoln MKZ

Review of 2008 Lincoln MKZ

2008-04-04 12:02:18

Great car, Had a BMW 545 for the last 3 years, saving money and enjoying the car

2008 Lincoln MKZ


2007-10-16 10:23:00

After driving 4 BMW's in the last 15yrs (drove all over 100K)I bought a new Lincoln MKZ.

First ten days I drove it 2600miles on a trip North--------great driving car ,very comfortable, great entertainment center(stereo CD ,Serius Radio,Speakers etc)Loved the 60/40 back seat & air cooled front seat.

Styling is good (still not a European look)

Sticker MPG says 28HWY----I got 26.7MPG-------Hopefully this will improve.

Biggest surprise is NO back pain after 8hrs driving----I would reccomend this car.

2008 Lincoln MKZ

The '08 MKZ Is An Awesome Luxury Vehicle!

2007-09-05 08:17:35

I have had my 2008 Lincoln MKZ AWD sedan for three weeks now and can only describe it as a truly awesome luxury sports sedan that offers a lot for the money...a much better value than Lexus, Mercedes, Cadillac, Infiniti and others!

My AWD MKZ is fully loaded with the available moonroof, navigation system, THX audio system, chrome wheels, HID headlamps and Lincoln Sync voice-activated controls which are very impressive.

The seats are extremely comfortable with 10-way power controls and a power lumbar support. And the cabin is much roomier than I expected for a car of this size in this price category. The heated and cooled front seats are now standard for 2008 which is a very good move by Lincoln.

I also appreciate that Lincoln made the tire monitoring system and reverse-sensing system standard on the MKZ for 2008.

The 265 hp V6 engine in my MKZ is powerful and very responsive and smooth. I have been happily surprised by the ability of the MKZ to move quickly and handle so crisply and without hesitation. This is a true luxury sports sedan!

My gas mileage has been very good so far. I am getting 26-27 miles per gallon on the highway and 20-21 miles per gallon in city driving. These results are better than Lincoln estimated!

All in all, I am very happy with my 2008 Lincoln MKZ AWD sedan. It offers a lot for the price and it delivers more than Lincoln promises so far!

2008 Lincoln MKZ

Review of 2008 Lincoln MKZ

2007-08-20 05:53:27

Recently rented one on a trip. It had a pleasent ride and is a good size. The turning circle is much to wide making tight parking a real chore. Had trouble starting the car two times and the remote locks didn't always work correctly.

2008 Lincoln MKZ

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