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4.5 out of 5

Jeep Patriot 2008

2010-10-09 20:55:00

While most of the reviews i have read about the Jeep Patriot are what i would like to call under rated. I have a 2wd front wheel drive Patriot with the 2.4 world engine mated to the CVT transmission. I get around 30 miles per gallon or about 360miles a tank of gas (12 gallon tank). Has a smooth ride, ride gets a bit noisy as the factory tires age and get to the wear marks. I installed a K&N drop in air filter for a little more pep.The reviews that say it doesn't have pep thats just non sense. I took my jeep to the drag strip and managed a very respectable 15.7@88mph in the 1/4 mile. The premium sound system is great, with a high quality sound (not even the bose).I have logged about 43k miles so far, very vestile cross over, all the seats fold down, even the front passager seat to give you tons of cargo space. My only complaints about this Jeep is its interior. The door panels lack a cusion so its a bit rough on longer drives. The center console lacks any cushion as well. I installed some soft textured foam on both of these surfaces and havent looked back since! Its a very reliable car, with no problems to date, other than oil changes, and recent tire change at 40k miles no other failures of any kind. Some of the neat features it has buildn't in Power inverter (great for charging things, such as a labtop or cell phone, mp3 player) Electronic stability control, abs brakes, side impact air bags, Rear removeable flash light that charges its self. The 2009+ models have a bit different interior which is nicer than what i have in my 2008. I am thinking about trading mine in to get the 2010 model, and well i always wanted one with the 4x4, (they didn't have any when i tried to get mine)

2008 Jeep Patriot

Review of 2008 Jeep Patriot

2009-12-19 19:29:06

A wonderful work car. I put the rear seat down, have room to transport 1200 lbs (me, my big dog and cargo) and it easily cruises in the 2.4Ltr, 4 cyl with power to spare and it doesn't sag with the heavy load. I change the oil between 5-6000 miles and have 108,000 with no need for any other servicing except the factory recommended transmission service. The engine just purrs like it will go on forever. Im' hoping for 300K without an overhaul. If you don't mind a utility looking vehicle that's cheap to operate or if you need a car that will take abuse, the Patriot is for you.

2008 Jeep Patriot

Great Value

2009-12-19 17:46:32

2008 bought in April 2008 now has 24000 miles on it. Been back to dealers only four times. Gotta get the oil changes somewhere! Been absoutely trouble free. Very pleased with wat it handles. I like the style-it will never be out-dated. Engine noise is a bit much, but it is a Jeep, right? Combined city-highway mileage rarely below 27mpg. Highway at 65mph is about 32. A lot of value for the money.

2008 Jeep Patriot

2008 Patriot

2009-10-30 10:43:29

2008 Jeep Patriot

2008 Patriot LEMON

2009-10-28 02:24:02

At first I loved it. But then problem after problem I got so tried that it was so sad that a new car had so many issues. Its has this horrible noise if you drive with the windows down. It hurts your ears. and sometimes my radio acts up. Its jerks at times and the shop never finds any problems. Once my brakes failed and I had to pump them. It was scarry,the lights came on but of course the shop didn't find the problem, I am waiting for whats next, scarry. I don't know what to do. My jeep the LEMON.

2008 Jeep Patriot

2008 Jeep Patriot

2009-03-15 03:28:48

I absolutely love my Patriot. I'm an archaeologist and wanted something that would handle going out into the field, which are often off road. My Patriot is roomy and the way the back seat folds down, means it can be slept in, which is sometimes necessary when weather makes the tent unsafe. It's also rugged and maneuvers like a dream. I can park it just about anywhere in one shot, like a small car. It has nice power and manages road conditions very well. I have never had a car that handled ice better. There was no struggling, no slipping and sliding and that was out of 4wd. I have only one complaint about the Patriot. The tires are oddly sized and only made by Goodyear. There were none available in Oklahoma when I had a blow out on the highway and had to pay extra to get one shipped in and it still took three days, in the meantime I am babying that stupid courtesy tire. One of the things my husband had requested was a full size tire as a spare, which we ended up not getting evidently. This same tire had had a flat a month or so before and then blew out as I was returning in 13 degree weather, late at night from giving a professional talk. The good news, the stabilizing system kicked right in and I was able to maneuver smoothly to the side of the road even with snow and ice on the road. I've wanted a Jeep since I was a teenager and I finally have one and can honestly say, I don't think I will ever drive anything else again. This car is fantastic and its economical. I love filling up for about twenty dollars and driving for a week. This vehicle is fantastic!! I recommend them to everyone I hear is looking for a car.

2008 Jeep Patriot

Arizona Jeep Driver

2009-03-01 17:12:51

Bought this Jeep in Jun 08. Sport 4x4, automatic, power pkg (a/c, power windows), Steel metallic blue. Completely happy with this Jeep! A joy to drive around town, and have gone from Phoenix to Las Vegas a couple of times...easily makes the drive. Great fuel mileage...around 23 mph in town, 27-28 mph on trips to Vegas. Biggest pros: easy to drive, very economical, great price/great value Sport trim is very nice. If I had to do it again, I would pay extra for the nicer rims/larger tires, but as someone pointed out to me, I can do that when I buy new tires and the car will look new! Satellite radio would be nice when I'm away from the city's radio stations. All in all, very satisfied. I can't believe this is not selling better, especially in this economic climate. I'm not surprised at the number of great reviews in this forum, but I don't hear a lot of "Buzz" about this vehicle. Great price, gas mileage, and performance, plus it's made in America! The Toyota and Honda's are all rated higher, but you'll probably pay $10K more...have fun with that. You won't be disappointed with this Jeep!

2008 Jeep Patriot

My First SUV

2008-12-22 00:12:54

I Bought A patriot in surf blue great gas milage looks and drives great. Happy Dance

2008 Jeep Patriot


2008-11-09 13:15:42

A great vehicle for the price. Excellent pickup and handling. Good mileage and durability so far. This is my first Jeep and I think I might have finally found my brand. That is as long as the stay in business.

2008 Jeep Patriot


2008-10-05 11:07:30


2008 Jeep Patriot

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