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4.0 out of 5

Review of 2008 BMW 528

2008-01-20 01:40:53

I have an older BMW 5 series which I adore. Can't wait to check out the 2008 model.

2008 BMW 528


2007-12-21 09:17:29

I bought it month ago and already having the Electrical problems... the light keeps coming on

2008 BMW 528

Amazing car

2007-12-01 10:57:01

The best ride and performance yet

2008 BMW 528

A drivers car

2007-09-01 10:50:00

I along with many of my friends own 5 series BMW's. When I bought my first one, I traded up from a luxury Japenese car. Intially I wasn't sold on the car.Long story short, once you really drive a BMW you can no longer drive any other car. It flawlessly does whatever you ask it to do reardless of road conditions. The sense of road feel is just enough to know the road but not enough to interfere. It's almost bipolar, it can drive as a luxury car, but thens push it and it cheers you on like a porsche. With an active suspension it actually corners like it's on rails and the tires never squeech b/c the tire surface is always kept flat agst the pavment. I've had 3 BMW's and am just about to get the 550. BTW it's fun to blow away from a Lexus on a highway exit ramp. No sedan can keep up!! Every person I've sold on BMW's has never gone back to other cars; then throw in free sevice for 4 years...it's cheaper to drive than many ordinary cars.

2008 BMW 528

Not worth the money from what i have seen,

2007-09-01 10:24:00

My friend owns one, i do not so this is coming from what i have heard and seen with his. It has alot of quality issues, and is not the best looking car. The performance is OK at best for something this expensive. I was suprised because i had heard good things about them until my friend bought one. He does not like it and will trade it in shortly.

2008 BMW 528

Review of 2008 BMW 528

2007-09-01 10:22:00

2008 BMW 528


2007-08-29 01:03:59


2008 BMW 528

530xii AWD

2007-08-11 01:51:51

I bought one of the first 530xii's delivered in the Boston area in 8/06. I put 23k on a car per year visiting clients in the region. This is the finest car I have owned (mostly Saabs). On demand AWD is seemless. Never know when it is on or off. Driveability, performance, comfort are outstanding. Exterior seems to have shown some wear after 40k miles, but that could be coincidence of use, parking lot dings, etc. I find iDrive to be no problem except when I loan the car to a friend who is totally baffled by it. I plan to buy another one of these cars for 2009 model year.

2008 BMW 528

535xi sportwagon variation-2008

2007-08-06 10:17:54

driven 7700 miles in this car over the past 3 months.superb balance of power, handling, comfort, while there have been no defects!more enjoyable to drive than any previous car I've owned(about 20).

2008 BMW 528

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