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4.5 out of 5

BMW 328 is an excellent value.

2009-08-17 01:29:06

This is one great driving car. Comfort, safe, easy on the gas (prem) and performance too. Maybe the best overall car under 40 thou. on the planet. Free service and they hold their value.

2008 BMW 328

BMW 328i

2008-10-26 09:23:04

Having had a 1998, 2001, 2004 Audi A4 I had to change to another car prior to moving down to NC as their were no Audi dealerships in the area. While I have no real complaints as of yet with the BMW, other than the run flat tires, I still prefer the Audi as far as the Bose radio, lots of little compartments ie change pocket in dash, storage drawer under the driver seat and a lower price tag. To date I have had to replace the gas tank and then the gas cap on the Beamer and had only had to replace the moon roof switch on my 1998 Audi. I really want my Audi back but not a bad trade off with the BMW

2008 BMW 328


2008-10-18 00:33:48

I previously had an Audi TTs. Decided to try something different. Run flat tires are the pits. Very hard ride. Feel every little crack in the road. Automatic transmission is second rate. Doesn't come close to performance of Audi DSG. Radio is a disaster. AM performance poor unless you are in a lagre metro area. Very poor sensitivity. Manually tuning the radio is an exercise in futility. What happened to a simple tuning knob. Auxiliary 12v jack in center storage unit is useless. Have trie to us it to power laptop and cell phone. Can't close the storage bin door with plug in place. Speedometer and odometer read 7% high. Not good since I lease the car. Gas mileage doesn't come close to EPA ratings. (I've always exceeded EPA ratings with my Audi's even when the EPA ratings were more optimistic.)

2008 BMW 328

Traded my SUV for 2008 BMW 328xi wagon...

2008-09-10 12:44:40

After driving SUV's, from Jeeps, to Expeditions to CRV's, I decided to try something different. My BMW 328xi wagon has been a joy from day one. It's cool design, flexible storage possibilities, fantastic steering, GPS system, all-wheel drive and satellite radio are some of the best features. Gas mileage is great (26-7 mpg). I have a Mercedes SLK which sits in the garage most of the time since I've gotten my red "wagon." I especially like the Convenience package which allows easy access without fumbling for keys. I was wary of the cup holders after reading so many complaints about them. But after getting used to them, they are the same to me as any other cup holder. I love that I can hook up my iPod directly to the sound system. Since music is going digital everywhere, I think that should be an included feature, not optional. I live in the South, so I don't have snow to negotiate in winter. But the rains down here come hard and fast. I never worry for a second about traction or safety with my all-wheel drive. I sound like a BMW employee. But I'm not. I'm just a very, very satisfied customer.

2008 BMW 328

Top Grade Vehicle

2008-07-31 12:56:52

I have owned many sport sedans over the past 50 years from Audi 5000 to Acura Legend to TL to Lexus to Mercedes and this 328I is the most exciting, comfortable, best performance sport sedan of them all. I'm only sorry that I never bought one sooner and wasted all those years.

2008 BMW 328

BMW/ LEXUS whats the difference

2008-01-22 11:17:52

BMW's are very nice cars but they should have not changed their styling. Both Lexus and BMW now look like every new car, over priced and ugly.

2008 BMW 328

The Ultimate Driving Machine - Bar None

2007-11-04 03:20:35

This is my first 328i, my previous cars were Acura Integra 1990 and Honda Accord EX Coupe 2003. The Acura and Honda were both excellent cars in their own right. Good value with all the extra bells and whistles already standard. The driving dynamics were excellent. However, compare to the 328i, it's light comparing night and day. The BMW drives like a dream, no matter how hard you drive it, it's as acurate as a surgical scalpel! This car is like an extention of the driving's body, it follows the drivers' every command. The luxurious interior is tasteful and high grade. This is by far the best car I have driven. I believe it even drives better than my brother's 2006 BMW 545i!

2008 BMW 328

Excellent Car!

2007-09-26 12:22:27

I have a 2007 BMW 328i Sedan and i love it. On the freeway, it drives very smooth and sometmes gets you in trouble when you look down at the speedo and you're doing 90! You just don't feel that you're going that fast. In Sports mode, the throttle stiffens up and you really feel power. If you want the luxury and smoothness of a luxury sedan and still have the sports car feel, this is the car to get! And if you're looking for more power, the 335i is a couple grand away.

2008 BMW 328

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