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5.0 out of 5

2007 Matrix

2009-03-24 19:57:44

Bought this car new in May 07, has been a great car. Very reliable, good gas mileage. Maintain it myself with ease. Only problem was Engine control computer went last week, 41000 miles. Under warranty but dealer serviceman said the Matrix is having problems with the computer. No other issues, has met all my expectations.

2007 Toyota Matrix

07 Matrix XR

2009-01-20 22:28:23

I have had my Matrix a year and a half now and it is the only car I ever owned that someone actually offered to buy it out from under me on the spot. Apparently the gas crunch made the Matrix noticeable. I have hauled more in it than my old Liberty and the fold down flat seats are awesome. I am not a practical car kind of girl, but I would buy this one again.

2007 Toyota Matrix

2007 Matrix

2007-09-20 12:58:43

Being an owner for nearly a year now, my question is: why does Toyota keep the 2007 Matrix such a secret? One rarely sees it advertised; could it be they would rather push more profitable lines? It’s a shame, because one would be hard-put to find a better small wagon. It took considerable amounts of on-line investigation before discovering what has been the answer to my prayers! At 6 foot 2 and age 75, it provides easy access plus considerable leg and headroom. The spacious interior storage space gives one the impression that it exceeds its exterior dimensions (a “Twilight Zone” effect for sure). Driving it is a joy, though compact vehicles like this can never equal the comfort offered by huge plush gas-guzzlers; so if that’s what your looking for, why are you reading this? If one needs a small wagon with roomy interior, good gas mileage (I recently got 38.5 MPG on the highway!) and pleasing driving characteristics, and most importantly backed up by a proven company like Toyota, the Matrix may be the answer to your prayers too! There aren’t enough available stars to measure my satisfaction.

The lack of rear floor covering is no big deal. A doormat of suitable dimensions to cover the entire floor when the rear seats are turned down can be purchased at reasonable cost from a number of on-line sources like Home Depot. A bit of personal creativity will easily compensate for any other perceived deficiencies, but most will be minor and easily surmounted.

2007 Toyota Matrix

2007 Matrix XR

2007-09-03 06:35:28

Bought it new Aug 2007. Traded a 2006 chevy colorado in. The chevy was a bare bones truck with 4cyc engine. It got TERRIBLE milage. The toyota is awsume, lots of space, excellent milage, fully loaded with options. very comfortable seats. really can't find anything to complain about. the workmanship and quality is excellent. the quality of the chevy was bad, workmanship terrible, cheap looking inside. Door was loose and taillights didn't work when i picked it up. no resale value. I'll never buy another domestic made car again.

and General Motors and ford wonder why Toyota is gonna be #1? Wish i bought my 1st toyota 25 yrs ago!

2007 Toyota Matrix

Review of 2007 Toyota Matrix

2007-08-25 12:05:11

I have owned my 2007 Matrix for almost 3 months now and I love everything about it. I was surprised to find that unlike other small cars, the matrix has plenty of leg space for people in both the front and back seat and also a lot of room for storage. Also, I feel safer with added safety features like the srs curtain airbags. Has great gas mileage and an attractive exterior. I can't seem to drive anywhere nowadays without seeing other Matrixes. This sporty little car is becoming quite popular!

performance drawback: Doesn't take hills very well

2007 Toyota Matrix

Review of 2007 Toyota Matrix

2007-08-13 11:36:16

2007 Toyota Matrix

Fun Car to Drive!

2007-08-05 01:51:00

Having driven a Mercury Grand Marquis for the past 5 years it is a pleasent suprise now to fuel the Matrix with todays gas prices.

I can go to "Home Depot" and bring home 8' lumber or even longer with the "Hatch G;ass" open.

Probably not the best vehicle to be in an accident with!

2007 Toyota Matrix

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