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4.5 out of 5

Fantastic truck

2008-10-26 05:12:32

I fell in love with this truck as soon as I laid eyes on it and I have not been disappointed. The 3.7 engine has great pick up and it rides so comfortable. Ive hauled heavy loads in it and it handles it with ease. I was considering a Ford Ranger to replace the one I owned. This truck is so much better.

2007 Dodge Dakota

New Dodge Dakota

2007-10-17 07:42:49

Just purchased my new Dodge Dakota and it is just right. The size does not tak up the garage, and the fuel usage is just what the sticker said it would be for the equipment.

It is in it's own class size with the V8. The neighbors when they comment about the truck is very positive.

With 3,500 miles on it no issues of any kind. So no reason to visit the dealer service.

If I had to make a purchase again it would be the same.

2007 Dodge Dakota

3.7L engine problems

2007-09-15 12:02:00

This truch has been in the dealer service shop 3 times so far for a "surging" problem between 30 and 40 mph. This first repair was to replace the cylinder head and the left side and re-seat the valves on the right head. That didn't fix it!

I had it back to the dealer and the mechanic said he has 2 other Dakotas with the same problem and Chrysler is not helping to solve the problem.

I love the truck but I wish I had not gotten the 3.7L engine..

If Chrysler can't help I guess I go back to a Ford...

2007 Dodge Dakota

The Best!

2007-08-13 12:35:37

This is the best by far pick-up truck Ive ever had. Fit and finish is fabulous! performance is awsome with the V-8. With the windows up, you cant hear anything outside. Why would anyone want to buy an import when you can get a machine like this? If all chrysler products are made like this, congratulations!

2007 Dodge Dakota

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